Monday, October 21, 2013

posted. post it.

 pushing through a blog post because i can. 
i can. 
i want to. 
i need to. 

realizing that not everything has to always be this big huge show or perfectly placed perfection. 
why yes- yes it does. just not tonight. 

it's late. it's dark. the screen lights up my keybord just enough for me to peek at the keys if need be. 
snuggled up in my bed with Mr. Mac. 
just like no t.v's in the bedroom and no dogs on the bed. 
but sometimes i've been known to break the rules.

So my thoughts tonight as i push through are as such.

keep it simple. 
short. sweet. to the point. no frills. well, some frills. 
the little simple things speak to me. 
i consider this post a yellow sticky note of sorts. 
a reminder. 
a note. 
a handwritten something.
a reminder. 
did i mention that?

sometimes it's okay to feel like you need that little yellow sticky note to keep you on track. 
make you remember. 
remember why you need reminding.

this is my reminder. 

i can still log in after a long days monday 
and type
and think
and blog
no fancy edits
 pics or posts. 

just a simple ramble that makes me feel like 
i have so much to say while saying nothing at all really. 
random ramble at it's finest.

it's a happy place.
sometimes nothing needs to be said because you already know. 


hear that? 
it's my heart beating.
not much else needs to be spoken.