Monday, October 14, 2013

home to me...

home to me.
mi little casa. 
huge love. 

the weather has finally turned and it actually feels like fall. 
a warm fall day feels crisp. 
the days when the doors are open and the candles glow. 
the house is clean and quiet and i gleam. 

i've always needed my own.

a place to decorate pretty.
where paper products and scents take you there. 
lyrics lie on your heart and your day begins. 

a humble heart. 
day 2 of blown out hair
the ever faithful go-to lulu attire
just in case the namaste calls.
however these are the days Mr. Mac keeps the line busy. 
this girl complains not. 
thankful for sure.
 it looks like it's getting festive.
 a holiday house. 
i say yes. 
let's celebrate. 
dust the cobwebs
no more skeletons in the closet. 
let's raise the dead. 

i'm ready. 

ever so cozy. 
snuggle in and settle your heart. 
no ghosts here. 
it's a peaceful place these days. 

 what's your story?
always amazing how you may be on the same page but a completely different book.
only time could tell that ending. 
the clocks. 
 same time. 

same page. same book.
as it should be. 
'bout time. 

i do it all the time. 
let's use that typewriter to write the love story. 
no filter. 
no deleting. 
no mistakes. 
who knew. 

it's there. 
because i believe.
it's a funny little thing-
and so is the fact i have chickens in my backyard. 
my girls. 
oh how i love them.
fresh. real. organic. chicken shit even. 
i'll take it.
 farm fresh and fabulous- 

and those are fake lemons. 
go figure.

it's always thrown.  
this time it stuck to a pumpkin 
and Cinderella loved hers. 
 and how about that fairy god mother?

right where he needs to be. 
a daily reminder. 
glass slippers- they do exist. 


center stage for their most important things that are all them.
wherever the road may lead...
the road. the radio and nothin' but time. 
 route 66.
time to travel. 
time travel.
depending on the who's drivin' that car-
it's always nice to plan a future your way. 
 it's the highway of life and i let them live it and love it as they see fit. 
freedom or just free-
 to just be. 


the rockstars- that's who. 
a stuffed hand-made headboard and a vintage-ish chandy suites her slumber parties sweetly. 
textures and colors as deep as her little old soul. 

they love theirs. 
not for rent.
they own whats in my whole heart. 
it's all theirs. 

cup of joe?
coj- is easier to text by the way. 
btw... easier to text as well.

a text may read: 
"coj now brewing btw"

 consider that an invite.
the door is open. 
the guard dog is waiting. 
she bites. 

something is always 
to do-ing.

and someone is always

bacon wrapped dates, swanky mugs, savvy scents, love letters and love songs... 
may or may not suite your fancy. 
good news is it doesn't have too.
this is home to me.
don't be scared- those cobwebs were purposely placed there.
it's almost hallows-eve.

 home to me?
home to me.