Friday, August 24, 2012

simply sweet.

a very productive week in routine. 
running errands.
all things that make your day or not-
regardless, the week goes on and time presses on. 

ever been so content in your own little world that nothing else seems to matter?
as long as all is well,
 no news is good news in the world. 
planning your weekend minutes life is sweet. 
all is right in my world. 

a missed call from my mom as many have been before, 
not intended to be missed just missed,
and yet again, missed.
 rushing to the next stop on the "to do" list, 
i return the call with my hands full at the Target express lane check out. 
it changed MY world.

you never- or hope you never receive a phone call like this 
and as a parent it is your worst fear let alone from your parent.
in that second, though thank god everyone is alive, 
and "stable and okay" is an answered prayer 
you realize just how sweet life really is.