Wednesday, August 22, 2012

simply grand.

let's be honest. 
i'm pushing through this blog post. 
all the more reason to challenge myself with this little exercise of blogging everyday
like i, v. gibbs, have nothing to say ever?
said no one ever. 

challenge and exercise come natural to me. 
i love it. 
crave it in fact. 
today was filled with solid tedious computer work.
past tense. 
conquered it. 

i am putting forth a ton of effort into being beyond organized for this holiday season. 
as i embark on a 4th year- i am already booking in october. 
 i talk about it a lot because it is in fact crazy times. 
but such a grand feeling overwhelms me as the text, fb messages, and calls roll in.
thankful indeed.

simply grand.
as i continue pushing through writers block, 
2 years of past pics of my kiddos stuck in digi-land
 and 500 some odd email addresses
like it's my job. 
it kind of is, i'm gettin' stuff done. 
but what a grand feeling that a HUGE task, HUGE task is done.

it went something like this:

prior to locking myself in my four walls i claim as my space 
i diligently did the morning routine. 
kids off to school. 
"house wipe" as i like to call it- because i dust everyday. 
grand? no, weird.
no- dust check my house. dare you. 
get myself presentable in handy dandy gym/house/comfy yet cute clothes,
just in case the door bell rings.
true story. 
bare face.

settle in, with my eyes fixed on the screen all day, i push through.
where the eff did the day go, my exact thoughts. 
it went to organizing over 500 email addresses i-
  or shall i say "bliss" has accumulated over the past few years. 
accomplishment in itself, yes. 

i told you i was getting down to the nitty gritty of all things behind this screen. 
my life? obsessive compulsive about it- 
well, some may think it's a down right mess,
but next-
house spotless? always. 
closets? impeccable. 
kitchen?  gleaming.
kids? amazing.
 you get the point.
behind the screen?
organized, but not to my high or shall i throw another grand in there, standards. 
until now. 
it's all the stuff you mean to do but never do. 
it's aggravating.
because it's a grand pain in the ass to feel the need to be this organized.
it's the stuff that takes you all day to do it
 not taking away from the fact that it was huge accomplishment-
but it was the nothing-else-gets-done-kind-of-task turned accomplishment.
that kind.

sometimes you think or do,  more times than not, 
 things you would "rather" be doing because it's easy or a grand or a grand-er idea.
And then sometimes when you just do what you are supposed to do, 
you take the not so grand road
{like lunch or catching up with your best friend}
and actually tackle the task at hand.
stay the course. 
sweat it out.
work it out. 
get it done. 
stay focused. 
keep pushing.

it happens. 

you can scratch that grand-pain-in-the-ass-task off the "to do" list. 
 that's a grand idea! 

simply grand. 
i am a warrior and i win. 

on a lighter note... 
guess who this is at the grand canyon?

1. impressive in size, appearance, or general effect: grand mountain scenery.
2. stately, majestic, or dignified: In front of an audience her manner is grand and regal.
3. highly ambitious or idealistic: grand ideas for bettering the political situation.
4. magnificent or splendid: a grand palace.
5. noble or revered: a grand old man.

ain't she grand?