Thursday, August 16, 2012

school is cool.

school is cool.
i keep telling myself this.
 except, with every school years comes growth and with growth comes
not to be confused with the smart a** older kids,
and older kids.
yes, rebel-
 a mom said it on her blog-
good golly, i'm not miss molly.
{and it will never happen to your kids.}

we keep it real on this blog.
 let me just pop your balloon now.
it happens.
all stages, ages, years...
they go by too freakin' fast.
they grow up too freakin' fast. 

happy to say my kids are still in the "older" kid version of growth, less the cuss word...
though i feel it coming and i am having a hard time embracing it.
all of this comes with finding out just who they are
and how far they can push it, trial and error in this house.
 and if mama had a yoga class that day or not.
{not really.}

but i have to say some days are better than others.
they are getting big. getting louder.
and worst of all like to dress themselves.
 oh i pout.
my little lover-bug lex how i miss those "chongo bows."
perfectly tight little pigtails with the biggest bows you've ever seen matching every outfit.
i thought she was so big. she was, then...
and now?
dylan, so little.
he was.
still in stroller for gosh sakes.
wanting, wishing he could stay and play with sissy the whole day.
dressed in perfectly mix matched gap-ness.
collar pop'd and all.
faux hawk remains.

their faces so little.
so baby little.
even as i scroll through pictures from just last year.
the amount of growth surpasses any expectation.
i feel honestly like it's being stolen from me.

as a mom i have expectations, as any good mother does.
but i really just want to rewind the clock.

they are 9 and 6.
they are 9 and 6.
they are 9 and 6.
they are 9 and 6.

9 and 6.
perfect ages for them to be kids.
perfect age for them to be little
all boy.
all girl.
play hard.
fall hard.
laugh hard.
footloose and fancy free kiddos.

with all the "back to school" non-sense, i too tend to get caught up in the mess
of them writing their college thesis.

they are 9 and 6.

so the morning of the first day of school when they were not-so-perfect-angels for the lens.
i let them be not so perfect.
 they are 9 and 6.

here are my little pre-college scholars on their first day
of 4th {dear god} and 1st grade.

9 and 6 and i still got choked up as they walked themselves to class.

"This is what my changed 4 times this morning, brandy melville backpack rockin, matching beaded handmade by her- bracelet wearin', peacock hair accessory placed in her freshly curled hair, ready to conquer the world, drama mama of a fourth grader looks like.

And my handsome, teeth needing, swollen goose egg head, faux hawk sportin',high top wearin', extra food in the lunch box needing, I'd rather be at the skate park, little devil of a first grader looks like.

And a sad, pouty face, mama when I ask, "are you sure I can't walk you to class, just on the first day?"

"No mom! We got this!"

Sigh. Rockstars."

-your mama
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9 and 6
better than 19 and 16. 
then i will be wishing they were 
9 and 6

i love them beyond anything
smart ass and all.