Monday, August 20, 2012

it's simple.

i thought i would try something new since it's been all about getting back on track the past few weeks. 
somedays i feel like a freight train is trying to steal my thunder. 
sunset sleeps and bonfires are over and routine is the new norm. 
i'm not too disappointed, i do well with routine and regimen. 
in the past my blog posts have been quiet lengthy- bursting with creativity and photos.   
frankly, i feel a little burnt out.
it won't last long, however
the time spent creating is beyond measure- priceless, no doubt
but maybe just overwhelmed in the "personal" photographs department.
it's like the plumber with the leaky faucet.
the photog mama with unedited, unprinted, gorgeous images of her own offspring
that are screaming to be freed from a digital screen to be shown off for the world to see.
eh ehm!
as it should be clients that are reading this... 

as i prepare myself for the chaos i love in the next few months ahead,
right now-
i am focused on my rockstars and catching them up to speed with my archives.
one thing i swore i would 
i failed. 
i hate failure.
the last few days i have hunkered down in my office, tangled with my mac 
and have begun the whole process.
which used to come with such ease, now, a professional "picture taker" of a mama-
i have a new found respect and love for perfection about my photography. 
even with the most simplest details of their little lives. 
i hate that part. 
it never mattered before, so why now?
all of those simple, unedited, point and shoot memories are all documented.

should shrug.
i don't know. 
it just does. 

so in this process i am trying-my-heart-out to remember to keep it simple,
 not overwhelming and to be sure all things amazing are documented.
and those are the simple things.
thankfully i'm just a few years behind and i have most everything ready to go-
to go = countless hours and endless nights creating and mile-stoning in photoshop. 
or should i say
beings football season is trying to squeeze it's way in my world. 
play on.

let alone editing and printing
bad ass coffee table books full of childhood memories await. 
the day i am caught up will be a cold day ...... sometime this winter. 
i plan to stay the course and get back on track. 
even if the freight train of a holiday season hits me head on. 
i always have such great timing and work awesome under pressure. 

with all that said, to say this

it's the little things. 
their little faces that i cannot get over how they have changed so much in one years time. 
yet two and three. 
 in this process of overwhelming-archivement 
(i just made that word up)
i vow to myself and now you
my plan is to not stress and win the over achiever award
yet, keep it simple.
which is hard for me to do. 

which has brought me to my blog post. 

remember to keep it simple. 
most things are not that difficult. 
focus on the task at hand.
count to ten. 
love thy neighbor. 
{threw that one in for good measure}
 you feel me. 

 this week-
i will blog simple. 
it's simple. 
let's begin.


recognizing the simple things.
loving the little things.

sounds like sweetness.
how about that for your magic monday?

ps. pardon any typos, it's past my bedtime.