Thursday, July 14, 2011

salt water...

are you kidding me with this day?
not one bit.
sit down.
take your time.
soak it in.
we did.
every bit.
be prepared.
these images will fill your heart.
touch your soul.
and call for a repeat of this kind of day-
everyday, and twice on sundays.
it was that good.

the speeeed boat my little man calls it.
it's goes weally weally fast.

the bay, never.
the beach, yes.
the bay, yes.

the bay we conquered.
my little warriors rocked it.
old glory.
speed boats.
sail boats.
knee boards.
a small fear.
the drive.
no fear.
salt water.
life vests.
a different view of our city.
the bridge.
the parents.
the besties.
the smiles.
{you'll look at them a million times, i have}
i gleamed on this independent independence day.
we had to...
we had to be warriors.
we had no choice.
that usually takes us to the water of some kind.
salt water = soul soother.
the dewy salty air whipping against your skin.
full throttle.
the sunbeams shining on you.
no better therapy.
well, the lens.
and that was in my hand.
the big one.
one big ol' therapy sesh- check.
where were you?

thumbs up.
she smiled.


he was brave.
and we kept it there.
next time- he'll own it, like she did.

she freakin' owned it.
rocked that knee board like it was old news, like i said.
jumped in that big salty bay like it was your wide open arms.
so proud of her.

you can imagine my
"whoooo hooooo's"
and the
"let go of the rope" 's

big johnny was nothing short of an amazing coach.
life coach quality lessons.
who knew?
she listened to and trusted his every word.
it worked.

imagine that.

we ended our independence day right where it started...
on that big beautiful bay.
the stars were shining a little brighter...
oh right-
those are fireworks.
i'll roll with big 'ol "wish upon stars..."


a full moon shinin' bright
edge of the water; we were feelin' alright.

because after all-
it was a barefoot blue jean night.