Saturday, July 2, 2011


big into lyrics and music.
huge really.
i will let this one speak for itself.
i'm lyric-less.

my lex. my beautiful baby girl.
on her birthday, with the ones that love her most.
making memories that matter...
just a short car ride-
san diego was shining a little brighter on
june 26th.

every year.
in almost every post, i try to stop time-
i can't, but my lens can. for a moment.
look at that face.
you are looking at my world.
well, one of my worlds.
i am lucky enough to have two.
one world turned 8 on june 26th.

when my two worlds collide,
it provides me with the most amazing heart felt emotion you could ever dream of.

june 26th was a good day.

i hope this finds you surrounded with the people you love.
the people that matter most to you.
the ones you could never live without.
the ones that you lift up when you are down.
the ones you want to catch when they fall.
they are that for me-
i am that for them.

birthday. pictures.

everyone always says you must have the most amazing pictures of your kids...
wellllll... yes.
but sometimes i feel like the plumber with the leaky faucet.
i too, have to bribe them, tickle them and make them-
or take them as they are.
and as they are is how i love them.

but sometimes on special days like birthdays,
we trek through the city, heels and all, and buy cupcakes
and make it an event.
after all, it is.
and if i didn't who would?
who would take these priceless prints?

the big bribe was the del mar fair.
{not really but it worked}
we were well on our way regardless...
less the heels.
truth be told. truth alas.
funny how that works.

a fun filled day for my loves.
my-little-happy-birthday-8 year-old-love.
8 years.
leaves me lyric-less.
my heart swells.
god- how i love her.
i will never forget holding her for the fist time.
and dread the day i have to ever let her go.
i have never known a greater love.
i was so young. she was so little.
we were so happy.
she loved her mama.
we were meant for each other.
my baby girl.
some things never change.
those eyes. those green eyes. they sparkle.

i love celebrating you on your birthday and everyday.
i count my blessing everyday.
you are my sunshine.
you sparkle so bright.
i love you lex.
happy birthday baby girl!

thanks for rockin' that sesh with me little "miss bliss #2"
as you would say...

nowwww for the fun filled celebrations...
we celebrate YOU!

let's go!

becoming a tradition.
corvette diner.
such a happy place.
HUGE rootbeer floats.
HUGE smiles.
HUGE hair.
HUGE day.

who would miss this?!

can you feel that?
i know you feel that.
i can. i did. 
it's real.

HUGE love.
what could be better?

a HUGE fair?
who says?

mama says...
let's go!!




what a bummer you have to experience all of this via this tiny little blog,
but experience it with us- none the less.
we had more laughs than i can count.
more giggles than to be expected.
a lot of sugar.
some whines.
a few tears.

we LOVED HUGE on a HUGE day.
her birthday.