Tuesday, July 19, 2011

caution: hot

gonna put the the world away for a minute
pretend I don't live in it
sunshine gonna wash my blues away...

just the color of my toes...

caution hot.
hot is right.
fired up!
thank god for real, good, old friends and bonfires.
and i mean real good old friends.
you know, the kind that show up,
simply ask-
"how are you?"
followed by a heartfelt hug.
and really, they don't care what the answer is-
they care that you are THERE with THEM.
details don't matter at this point,
it's the time that matters.

to much time over the fire can do that.
good thing i like 'em burnt.

hot dog!
simple silly pleasures i tell ya-
i thought it was hilarious!
the wine was kickin' in and the smiles and laughs were starting to flow...
let the bonfire creations begin.
i create a pre-dinner, oh-so-scandalous appetizer.

perfectly burnt marshmallow
on a perfectly ruffled potato chip.
try it.
dare you.

oh yes-i-did.
and it was fabulous.
i binged.

the weather couldn't have been more perfect.
it called for-
my kiddos.
ball cap.
favorite pair of denim.
dirty sandy feet.
figuring out how make dinner without getting burnt.

learning things only a bonfire can teach.
like to stand up wind and out of the smoke...
that one took some smoke in the face.
but it was soon figured out.
like not touching the metal hanger after it had been over the fire grilling the hot dogs...
ya know,
just a little bonfire 101.
mama has spent some time around a fire, a camp fire in fact,
believe it or not i have cooked over a fire as well-
one night not by choice, i simply wanted to eat.
who'da thought?

they were in good hands.

...all the details in between, we figured them all out
as we cooked, ate, lost some in the sand.
we weren't in a hurry.
we had no place to be but to be with each other.
we let night fall and even waited for fireworks.
we talked, we sat, we ate, we listened, we laughed.
had time.
priceless family time around a camp-
i mean, bonfire.

it was almost a perfect evening...
then i got burnt-

this champagne shore washing over me
it's a sweet sweet life living by the salty sea
one day you could be as lost as me
change you're geography
maybe you might be...