Wednesday, July 27, 2011


here's a girl that loves a road less traveled...
it's in her.
gimme that girl,
along with the peace and serenity that comes with it,
her, and that heart of hers.

too often times we find ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life.
sometimes we need to take a "personal" day and reflect.
take a drive.
get some perspective.
and that's what we did.
me, my heart and my lens.

at this point...
is anything that big?
let's begin...

i am finding all too often that if you take the time you think you don't have to
take that dirt road and travel it, with the intent to
only take a drive or only clear your head
you may wind up on a breathtaking adventure you will cherish forever.
a place of reference.
a place of peace.
a place of perspective.

was it anything less than magnificent?
was i expecting magnificent?
just some time to clear the noggin and get out of the heat.
i can't wait around when the heart strings pull.
who would?
me time.
self time.
filling or fueling oneself,
exudes selflessness when your soul needs a refuel.
often times we don't listen to the "stop."
unfortunately, the world and mind think "more."
i say more give.
less take.
another little mantra if you will...

was i expecting such beauty and life and awe and wonder?
just a drive.

such is the beauty of life.
just a gem of a day, that put a whole lot of things in perspective.
let's not forget this serene setting was my "backyard" for many, many years.
that puts a lot in perspective right there...

they found me.
in this little adventure of clearing the head
i found myself more in tune with the little things.
a little opposite of what one might think...
let it all go and don't worry about the little things-
when only then the little things become present,
because i am present.
funny how that happens.
honestly, if you know me-
do i really care that much about some little lizard?
no, not really.
but i did that day....
he scurried around in front of me in a panic until he hit that rock and then perched-
and stayed still.
and that crazy green bug hanging on for dear life to that invisible,
slippery moss covered rock as the water rushed around him.
i felt for that little guy-
been there.

kicking off my favorite flips,
landing my feet in damp, cold, red clay
i curled my toes in it.
i attempted those slippery, invisible moss covered rocks.
i managed.
more than likely that green little guy did too.
the sky was the bluest of blues, the clouds huge, white cotton candy puffs,
the weather was perfect,
it was quiet, the water rushed, the red rocks spoke.

i love you this big.

perspective; noun

1. a technique of depicting and spatial relationships on a flat surface.
2. a picture employing this especially one in which it is prominent.
3. a visible scene, especially one to a distance..

laymens terms:
the way i see it vs. the way you see it.

and then while you- meaning i, randomly wade through a river you might also realize a little different perspective or feed one you never really knew how too...

the humanistic perspective:
humanistic perspective is on the self, which translates into "you",
and "your" perception of "your" experiences.

This view argues that you are free to choose your own behavior, rather than reacting to environmental stimuli and reinforces. Self-fulfillment, and needs are paramount.
The major focus is to facilitate personal development.

laymens terms:
embrace you.
stop. think. choose. don't react.
fulfill yourself when your "self" calls.
it's okay to refuel.
love yourself, if you don't who will?

so now that i have taken you down this little-heart-felt
road-less-traveled, filled with a whole 'lotta all-things-me-
along with
my lens
some struggle
breathtaking views
mountains that speak
a little of my perspective{s}

can you tell i spent the day in sedona?
cause i forgot to tell you about my experience with the vortex...
;) point in all this is that if you take the time to take the time
and travel that road less traveled every now and again
you just may realize,
that what you think is so huge and weighing so big in your world
to the world, it's just life.
but it's our life-
we are so blessed to be able to make the choices in our life to
fulfill ourselves the way we see fit.
choose the ones that fill you,
like that random little drive on that normal little day.
fill your heart.
at the end of a day like this,
a "refuel" day...

that road less traveled leads you right to your heart.
your big, wide open, fulfilled, refueled heart.

it leads you home.
home is where the heart is
and once home-
you realize that because you took the time to refuel you and your soul...
you are able to give.

"gimmie the girl that's beautiful,
without a trace of makeup of on,
barefoot in the kitchen,
singing her favorite song.
dancing around like a fool,
starring in her own little show,
gimmie the girl the rest of the world,
ain't lucky enough to know."

Saturday, July 23, 2011

a magical presence...

so i am reminding myself on a daily basis to
be present.
my fairly new little mantra if you will.
not only to be, but to stay present.
sometimes it's hard to do with all the life i live.
so many irons in the fire, all of importance to me.
i stress a lot of the time about the little things that don't deserve my time-
making me not-so-present in the big things that do.

oddly enough,
one of them is this silly little blog.
big to me, even if not to the world.

why stress about it you ask?
i will be completely transparent when i say,
i miss the days of me only archiving for my family.
a little selfish i know, but i think about the time i used to have.

refusing to live in the past-
i simply am recognizing that it is something that i have a complete
and total passion for, archiving my family's memories,
it should, will and needs to become a better priority.
because, let's face it- it already is.
it fuels me.
lights me up.
tells my story.

life is too short.
we all get caught up in our day to day monotony,
i can firmly recognize one thing-
it makes me love and cherish my life and my family even more than i already do.
i am blessed to have found a passion, a love, a faith, and a fire that fuels my soul.
some people spend a lifetime searching for this...

Bliss Boutique Photography
has kept me sane in times of insanity
and continued the chaos in times peace.

i think so.

as i blah blah blah-
it reminds to remain present in both. 
stay balanced in both.
sometimes i struggle.
we all do.

as an entrepreneur by nature and clearly at heart, i understand the complete
passion for never stopping, working until wee hours, making things happen.
believe me when i say-
my brain never stops, add the creativity with every freakin' thing i set my eyes on,
coupled with being a gemini-
you can only imagine.

as i dream as i do, i have a clear cut vision of goals and passions and life not yet lived,
but i can't get too caught in those dreams where i merely don't recognize the present.
the now.

as i remind myself, maybe this can serve as a reminder you-

your time is valuable.
priceless to those you value.
stay focused by setting boundaries.
family time is family time.
work time is work time.
set attainable goals.
stay passionate.
know when to fuel the fire.
know when to put a fire out.
keep yourself honest.
listening is just as important as expressing.
take baby steps, to big dreams.
make sure you don't step on the ones you want with you,
after you awake from all your dreaming.
prioritize by recognizing what matters most
and most importantly realize who matters most.

i think by realizing even just a few of these things,
it will not only make you try harder to become present,
your presence will come to you-
and you will want nothing more than to be present.

i guarantee that if i can stick to this- you can too.
not that both my worlds are not beautiful as they are-
but there is always, always, room for improvement.
as an inner struggle for me,
just know- i always hold myself a little more accountable
when a post gets published on this little, but big-to-me blog.

sounds easy enough i tell myself.
sounds like a plan i tell myself.
but i told myself.
now i can count on my inner self, it will hold me accountable, as will you-
whoever is reading this...

so you still don't get the stressing part?
i don't blame you...
that was a classic v. gibbs ramble at it's finest.
so in a simple non- v.gibbs ramble,
the translation goes like this:

we were at Disneyland in may.
we are in mid- july.

big fat sigh!
shall i say,
a deep long calming inhale.
a deep long calming exhale.
sometimes remembering to just breathe in general is nice.
you freakin' feel me already!?!
i am so close to being present with blog posts i can feel it.
you get it now- don't cha!
silly little me and this silly little blog...

enjoy the show{s}!
i did my best to make you feel present. 
and please don't hate that half the pics were taken with.........
my phone.


{pause playlist music now}

after all,
when you are present-
magic happens.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

caution: hot

gonna put the the world away for a minute
pretend I don't live in it
sunshine gonna wash my blues away...

just the color of my toes...

caution hot.
hot is right.
fired up!
thank god for real, good, old friends and bonfires.
and i mean real good old friends.
you know, the kind that show up,
simply ask-
"how are you?"
followed by a heartfelt hug.
and really, they don't care what the answer is-
they care that you are THERE with THEM.
details don't matter at this point,
it's the time that matters.

to much time over the fire can do that.
good thing i like 'em burnt.

hot dog!
simple silly pleasures i tell ya-
i thought it was hilarious!
the wine was kickin' in and the smiles and laughs were starting to flow...
let the bonfire creations begin.
i create a pre-dinner, oh-so-scandalous appetizer.

perfectly burnt marshmallow
on a perfectly ruffled potato chip.
try it.
dare you.

oh yes-i-did.
and it was fabulous.
i binged.

the weather couldn't have been more perfect.
it called for-
my kiddos.
ball cap.
favorite pair of denim.
dirty sandy feet.
figuring out how make dinner without getting burnt.

learning things only a bonfire can teach.
like to stand up wind and out of the smoke...
that one took some smoke in the face.
but it was soon figured out.
like not touching the metal hanger after it had been over the fire grilling the hot dogs...
ya know,
just a little bonfire 101.
mama has spent some time around a fire, a camp fire in fact,
believe it or not i have cooked over a fire as well-
one night not by choice, i simply wanted to eat.
who'da thought?

they were in good hands.

...all the details in between, we figured them all out
as we cooked, ate, lost some in the sand.
we weren't in a hurry.
we had no place to be but to be with each other.
we let night fall and even waited for fireworks.
we talked, we sat, we ate, we listened, we laughed.
had time.
priceless family time around a camp-
i mean, bonfire.

it was almost a perfect evening...
then i got burnt-

this champagne shore washing over me
it's a sweet sweet life living by the salty sea
one day you could be as lost as me
change you're geography
maybe you might be...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

salt water...

are you kidding me with this day?
not one bit.
sit down.
take your time.
soak it in.
we did.
every bit.
be prepared.
these images will fill your heart.
touch your soul.
and call for a repeat of this kind of day-
everyday, and twice on sundays.
it was that good.

the speeeed boat my little man calls it.
it's goes weally weally fast.

the bay, never.
the beach, yes.
the bay, yes.

the bay we conquered.
my little warriors rocked it.
old glory.
speed boats.
sail boats.
knee boards.
a small fear.
the drive.
no fear.
salt water.
life vests.
a different view of our city.
the bridge.
the parents.
the besties.
the smiles.
{you'll look at them a million times, i have}
i gleamed on this independent independence day.
we had to...
we had to be warriors.
we had no choice.
that usually takes us to the water of some kind.
salt water = soul soother.
the dewy salty air whipping against your skin.
full throttle.
the sunbeams shining on you.
no better therapy.
well, the lens.
and that was in my hand.
the big one.
one big ol' therapy sesh- check.
where were you?

thumbs up.
she smiled.


he was brave.
and we kept it there.
next time- he'll own it, like she did.

she freakin' owned it.
rocked that knee board like it was old news, like i said.
jumped in that big salty bay like it was your wide open arms.
so proud of her.

you can imagine my
"whoooo hooooo's"
and the
"let go of the rope" 's

big johnny was nothing short of an amazing coach.
life coach quality lessons.
who knew?
she listened to and trusted his every word.
it worked.

imagine that.

we ended our independence day right where it started...
on that big beautiful bay.
the stars were shining a little brighter...
oh right-
those are fireworks.
i'll roll with big 'ol "wish upon stars..."


a full moon shinin' bright
edge of the water; we were feelin' alright.

because after all-
it was a barefoot blue jean night.