Saturday, June 18, 2011

the sea, you see...

we made it.
we made it before june gloom that is...
seems like as soon as that school bell rang we were headed west.
west coast.
sounds so good but being there is better.
i promise you that.
promise land.

sand between our toes stat.
beach cruisin' days and bundled up nights.

we are free.
we are silly.
we are happy.
we are fulfilled.
we smile.

we love to pack our picnic lunch and have no place to be.
no one to impress.
it's just us.
just the way i like it.

it's amazing what that pull of the tide can do for your soul.
to think i ever moved away from it leaves me speechless sometimes.
who knew? i sure as hell didn't. so young. so dumb.
oh well-
it's a good thing it doesn't move as often as i have.
it's strong, full of life, deep, and a force to be reckoned with.

i dare you.
i wouldn't.
who would?
i didn't.
then again, let's do this.

i lay there and let the sunshine warm me up and the salty sea air whip through my hair,
listen to my loves laugh, squeal, and giggle while
watching the waves rush in as if they have so much to say.
but then quickly and fiercely taking it all back.
a tease of sorts.
but not really, when your toes are grounded firmly in the sand,
you may sink but you stand firm.
you realize instead of the waves taking anything back from you,
you are letting it go...

it's a great feeling.
to over come such a huge hold.

you see, when i see the sea i let it all go...
any stress, holds, pain, fear, unknowns...
gone. washed away.
write all your fears in the sand. i dare you. ha.
even all the things you think you want or need.
i did, within seconds they are gone, washed away.
nothing but you in the moment, in the flesh is left.
(and when i say you, i really mean me)
standing there with all senses awake, strengthened and electrified.
so powerful. what a blessing.
the sea, you see, it's like one big guardian angel that won't let you fall.
AND if you did,
one- it's sand, big whoop
and two-
that big guardian angel washes away any evidence of your fall.
who fell?

so profound that ocean. that guardian angel.
i am so drawn to it. it scares me a little. another move?
who knows. but i will let that tide pull on my heart strings for a while.
no sudden moves like the tide. just a peaceful place for now that i cherish with my loves.
who can't see it on their little faces?
{my toes even look happy!}


for those who may not want to get that deep.
a fear or something silly-
so chalk it up to:

baskin' in the sunshine.
sea breeze
feet firmly planted in the sand
coastal cartwheels
ever so happy kiddos
laughs. loves. light.
perfect little family at a perfect little beach, in a perfect little city.

peace is peace.

“If you let go a little, you will have a little peace.
If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.”