Thursday, June 23, 2011

pinkberry goodness: the premier...

pinkberry goodness is calling...
and so we roll~
west coast bound.
to our
little heavenly
padres game with fireworks tonight included
and please oh please don't forget the fro yo-

{last one there is the rotten egg}
and we will run-
laugh, play, giggle, and video.
yes video.
all of it.

swagger wagon is locked and loaded...
precious cargo yet to "strap" in.
the engine should be running but i have to draw some quick vacuum lines
in the carpet and blog this blog before i hit the pavement.

priorities i tell ya-
but to me, it's important.
and that is just fine, with me.

you just walked the red carpet.
you have some swanky shoes on.
you look fabulous.
and you are about to watch the premier of the first ever
epic film from my bliss videos.

don't be jealous. the real cinematographers aren't.

i'm just a girl makin' some home movie memories.

i am excited for you to
embrace, enjoy and embark on this new little adventure i am on...

pinkberry goodness here we come...