Friday, May 20, 2011

she shines...

dear lexie,

you are a light from above.
you are so smart.
you are so sweet.
you are so giving, so caring.
you are self driven.
goal oriented.
on the path to nothing but success.

you did it baby girl!
you practiced for one week straight.
i know you were nervous at first.
we practiced in the kitchen.
we danced and laughed and played the songs over and over.
on repeat.
mommy even busted out some "shine" moves with you.
dylan tried too...
we sang. we giggled. we loved.
you shined.

you shine.
you are an amazing little light that shine for us.
you are our baby girl.
you are becoming a big girl way to fast.
i don't want you to grow up.
i think 2nd grade came and went way to fast.
i wish i could stop time.
but i can't...

so shine.

shine on baby girl.
we are here cheering you on.
standing right beside you.
every. step. of. the. way.

every step of the way you have a family that is SO proud of you.
i love you, doesn't even begin to describe it.