Sunday, May 1, 2011

a heart...

the sea.
it calms me.

last time i was here i drove until i hit the water.
until then, i'd never been to the east "coast".

this is trip #3.

this little spot is beginning to have a place in my heart.
camera in tow, toes in the sand~ i shoot.
therapy at it's finest.

the wind whips my wild, humidity hating hair.
it's gets that natural lioness wave.
it's warm.
my skin is love-ing the moisture in the air.
it's weird to have the sun behind me as i look into the wild blue.
to this girl west coast girl, it feels a little backwards.
but hey, who am i to judge.
instead i embrace.

so blessed we are.
it soaks in.
{i let it}
so do my feet in the wet cold sand.
wading in and out of the water with my jeans loosely rolled,
debating on how soaked i want to get.
something about the water crashing against my feet and quickly pulling away...
it's so temping.

i stay on my tippy toes...

holding the canon body as i do a dumb bell
yeah... it's that heavy...
but i'm strong.

i fight- or shall i say, dance.
i dance with the waves.
they are winning...
i just want to write a few things in the sand.
every time they get washed away...
every time.
thus is life...
so many things to say and then crash...
i continue my dance.
i'm a good dancer...

a heart.
my heart.

darn waves...

a heart.
my heart.

gosh darn waves...

a heart.
my heart.

it was there for a moment.
just long enough to click the canon.
that's my job.

that's all it takes is a mere moment.
forever is made.

no matter how many times before
a heart.
my heart.
was washed away with the pull of the tide.
i captured it.

forever it will stay.
a heart.
my heart.


in the end what matters most is
how well did you live,
how well did you love,
how well did you learn to let go...

ps. my jeans were soaked :)