Saturday, May 14, 2011

good stuff...

she says
"that's the way God wanted it..."

as we exit the freeway she asked me,
"mama, is this real, i mean REAL iced tea?"

"well, its more like a juice, but they like to call it iced tea."

"do you like this peach tea or the peach tea at red robin better?"

"probably the red robin peach tea, but mama really loves her green tea from aj's."

"i know." she says, "that is REAL, like, REAL iced tea."
as she uses her hands as she speaks just like her mama.

this iced tea juice she speaks of is one from Panda Express.
it was Lipton Brisk Full of sugar, let's just call it high fructose corn syrup peach tea.
and Panda Express... well...
don't get me started...
lex loves the orange chicken bowl, so hence her dinner after a full day of
playing, birthday parties, swimming, mama working...
let's have a picnic on the living room floor,
chat, love and fall into bed...

that we did.
picnic we had
tucked in snug as a bug
then mama got her second wind...

{photo credit: the droid}

the things we can learn by teaching our own.
after a little over exhausted meltdown from a long fun-in-the-sun kind of day,
we talk.

she listens intently.
embracing every word.
such a big soul in that little body.

"well, baby girl... He never gives you more burdens than you can bear,
He never gives you anything you can't handle. Even during the hardest times,
He watches over you, He is always there for you to turn to..."

"what do you mean you can turn into God?"

"you can't turn into God, but you can turn to him.
He is always there to listen and guide you.
Even when you think you He's not guiding you, He is.
Teaching you life long lessons along the way.
I promise, He will never give you anything you can't handle in life.
Ever. He just makes you stronger. He loves you so much.
Mama loves you so much baby girl."

"So even though this iced tea is full of sugar, i guess
that's the way God wanted it
it is really good."

"it is really good, isn't it."

...and that is how our topic of conversation got started,
thank god.

that's good stuff.