Friday, May 27, 2011

take a bow...

"I was the one, who would always jump in first
Didn't think twice to look behind
Got such a good feeling, just from playing in the dirt
Once, when I was little

We could build a rocket,
fly to the moon
Leave Tuesday morning, and be back for noon
There wasn't nothing, nothing that we couldn't do
Once, when I was little..."

stay little.
it affects me big.

Friday, May 20, 2011

she shines...

dear lexie,

you are a light from above.
you are so smart.
you are so sweet.
you are so giving, so caring.
you are self driven.
goal oriented.
on the path to nothing but success.

you did it baby girl!
you practiced for one week straight.
i know you were nervous at first.
we practiced in the kitchen.
we danced and laughed and played the songs over and over.
on repeat.
mommy even busted out some "shine" moves with you.
dylan tried too...
we sang. we giggled. we loved.
you shined.

you shine.
you are an amazing little light that shine for us.
you are our baby girl.
you are becoming a big girl way to fast.
i don't want you to grow up.
i think 2nd grade came and went way to fast.
i wish i could stop time.
but i can't...

so shine.

shine on baby girl.
we are here cheering you on.
standing right beside you.
every. step. of. the. way.

every step of the way you have a family that is SO proud of you.
i love you, doesn't even begin to describe it.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

good stuff...

she says
"that's the way God wanted it..."

as we exit the freeway she asked me,
"mama, is this real, i mean REAL iced tea?"

"well, its more like a juice, but they like to call it iced tea."

"do you like this peach tea or the peach tea at red robin better?"

"probably the red robin peach tea, but mama really loves her green tea from aj's."

"i know." she says, "that is REAL, like, REAL iced tea."
as she uses her hands as she speaks just like her mama.

this iced tea juice she speaks of is one from Panda Express.
it was Lipton Brisk Full of sugar, let's just call it high fructose corn syrup peach tea.
and Panda Express... well...
don't get me started...
lex loves the orange chicken bowl, so hence her dinner after a full day of
playing, birthday parties, swimming, mama working...
let's have a picnic on the living room floor,
chat, love and fall into bed...

that we did.
picnic we had
tucked in snug as a bug
then mama got her second wind...

{photo credit: the droid}

the things we can learn by teaching our own.
after a little over exhausted meltdown from a long fun-in-the-sun kind of day,
we talk.

she listens intently.
embracing every word.
such a big soul in that little body.

"well, baby girl... He never gives you more burdens than you can bear,
He never gives you anything you can't handle. Even during the hardest times,
He watches over you, He is always there for you to turn to..."

"what do you mean you can turn into God?"

"you can't turn into God, but you can turn to him.
He is always there to listen and guide you.
Even when you think you He's not guiding you, He is.
Teaching you life long lessons along the way.
I promise, He will never give you anything you can't handle in life.
Ever. He just makes you stronger. He loves you so much.
Mama loves you so much baby girl."

"So even though this iced tea is full of sugar, i guess
that's the way God wanted it
it is really good."

"it is really good, isn't it."

...and that is how our topic of conversation got started,
thank god.

that's good stuff.

Monday, May 9, 2011


...and so the blog got a little botox today...

so whatta ya think?
and love some more.

quite frankly~
she is amazing.
i thank her with my whole heart.

inject me please.
but with a:

hands in the soil
candle burning
white, beige, greens
says so much, but not too much
crafty but not scrappy
perfectly imperfect
butterfly fluttering
wide open lens
real life
hand written
all things true to me, my heart, my core
my inner being.
back to the roots
hands in the soil
this is my bliss
kind of


a full heart
a fresh look
a fabulous future...

it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise,
trouble, or hard work.

it means to be in a the midst of all those things and still be calm in your heart.


ps. celebrating not just yesterday but everyday...motherhood.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

a heart...

the sea.
it calms me.

last time i was here i drove until i hit the water.
until then, i'd never been to the east "coast".

this is trip #3.

this little spot is beginning to have a place in my heart.
camera in tow, toes in the sand~ i shoot.
therapy at it's finest.

the wind whips my wild, humidity hating hair.
it's gets that natural lioness wave.
it's warm.
my skin is love-ing the moisture in the air.
it's weird to have the sun behind me as i look into the wild blue.
to this girl west coast girl, it feels a little backwards.
but hey, who am i to judge.
instead i embrace.

so blessed we are.
it soaks in.
{i let it}
so do my feet in the wet cold sand.
wading in and out of the water with my jeans loosely rolled,
debating on how soaked i want to get.
something about the water crashing against my feet and quickly pulling away...
it's so temping.

i stay on my tippy toes...

holding the canon body as i do a dumb bell
yeah... it's that heavy...
but i'm strong.

i fight- or shall i say, dance.
i dance with the waves.
they are winning...
i just want to write a few things in the sand.
every time they get washed away...
every time.
thus is life...
so many things to say and then crash...
i continue my dance.
i'm a good dancer...

a heart.
my heart.

darn waves...

a heart.
my heart.

gosh darn waves...

a heart.
my heart.

it was there for a moment.
just long enough to click the canon.
that's my job.

that's all it takes is a mere moment.
forever is made.

no matter how many times before
a heart.
my heart.
was washed away with the pull of the tide.
i captured it.

forever it will stay.
a heart.
my heart.


in the end what matters most is
how well did you live,
how well did you love,
how well did you learn to let go...

ps. my jeans were soaked :)