Saturday, March 5, 2011

just because...

well hello saturday morning march 5th.
i think like the rest of the universe, i am saying:
"time is flying"
ahhh kite flying...
march?! yes, march.
my favorite time of year.
spring cleaning. new growth. shed the layers.
exfoliate the skin.

so this kite...
it's a brightly colored kite blowing in the wind.
swirling, up and down, color everywhere.
it's a beautiful sight.
this colorful kite is flowing in whichever the direction the wind blows it.
loving every minute.
trying to find a steady stream of solid breeze.
but realizing, who really wants that?!
constant. static. life.
that should be an oxymoron.
i think it is in fact.

it should be colorful.
just because.

my colorful life.
i love you.

my life loves heart shaped pancakes.
just because.

my life loves
"love" written in super sweet syrup.
just because.

my life loves these precious little loves.
life is precious love.

"but its precious love, oh its precious love
no i can't let it go,
this is precious love, and its teaching me,
everything i need to know,
this precious love, this precious love,
i can't get enough,
i'm down on my knees, begging you please
to give me some more of that stuff."

-james morrison

i got your precious love
but you are NOT allowed to lick the plate.

now let's go bask in the sunshine and fly a kite.
just because.

happy saturday.

ps. so much good stuff in the air...can't wait to share.