Friday, February 4, 2011

so this guy...

i throw myself into my work.
and when i do-
watch out world.
'cause i rock it.
my world at least.
and that's good enough.

i can always count on one other guy's world being rocked as well.

i believe it is no mistake at all this kitchen table is labeled as such.

hey there,
little canon point and shoot i love to hate.
we jammin'!

so i was saying...
this guy...
he's pretty special to me.
the first guy i fell head over heels for.
he taught me all about that.

he has taught me so much.
so much.
been there through it all.
happy tears, sad tears, just tears.
smiles. happy smiles, just because smiles.
ear to ear smiles that make you cry happy tears.

he sends me texts when i need them most to remind me how much he loves me.
my family.
my work.
my laugh.
my voice.

so this guy,
he knows style.
he taught me style.
he loves my style.
he knows grace.
he taught me grace.
he has class.
he taught me about class.

he knows how to be fair.
he's strong.
he's gentle.
he's passionate.
he LOVES lyrics.
{i start to cry}
he loves music.
he can play the guitar but doesn't play enough.
he can sing but doesn't sing enough.
he can surf but doesn't surf anymore.
he's at peace with the sea.
he's really pretty cool.
hippy cool.
peace sign cool.
i love him.
a lot.

nothing makes him happier than the happiness of his kids.

he never fails me.
he's a safe haven.
a hand to hold.
a lover of life.
he always does the right thing.
he's honest and hard working.
he's a giver.
a protector.
a hug-er.
he always says,
"i love you."
no matter what.

he keeps me on the straight and narrow while allowing me, pushing me, believing in me
to spread my wings and fly.
follow my dreams kind of flutter.
he corrects me when i am wrong.
even when i'm right. ;)
he is thoroughly enjoying these images of me shooting.
he's proud.
he's humble.
he swears he taught me all i know about photography.
i'll give him the credit.
i guess.

he let's me second guess myself but reminds me
i have no reason to.
he stands beside me.
supports me, every step of the way.
he has always let me be me.
always encouraged me to be me.
he loves me being me.
he loves this blog.

and so the other day this guy sends me a text just when i needed it most.
it made me cry. he usually does.

it was a riddle of sorts.
just as i like them.
just keepin' me on my toes...
kind of like "my" style of writing.
ha. that he loves- mind you.

most of the time he'd say,
"who sings it?"

instead he texts:
just remember i love you and it will be alright...

firefall and your dad.


firefall and my dad?


this is a song- i just know it.
not sure which one.
google. stat.
a song.
heart felt ones.
he "@&%##" rocks.
and then i smile that
ear to ear smile that makes me cry happy tears.

so this guy...
he's pretty cool.
he's turning 60.

we are celebrating tomorrow.

he loves his rockstar.
his baby girl.
his boo boo's.

and i love that guy.

and dad,
just remember i love you...

happy birthday celebration.
{because your "@^#%$&$" birthday is the 7th :)}

ps."@&#%$^#" = inside joke.
{but you can insert a bad word}