Sunday, January 16, 2011

the line up...

hi :)
there you are!!
who are you?

it's me.
remember me?
dark hair.
green eyes.
canon in tow.
vanessa- nice to meet you.

walking around the casa in a once folded over sweat pant and ribbed tank.
a clean bare tired face.
a necklace that never leaves.
a heart with "bliss" in it.
an etched picture of a camera that say "capture life"
with a perfectly perfect little pearl
{ka-wink-ee-dink? i think not.}
kind of dirty hair
LESS 2 inches.
pouty lip.
i miss you.
don't ever let me do that again.

i was up late last night-
go figure.

the screen blurred a time or two.
and yes 2 bottles of vino. half bottles.
so like one.

{am i kind of talking in the present? this rocks!}

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaack-
about 1 post away from posting REAL TIME!!!!

can you believe it?
i can hardly.
that was tough.
thank goodness for the playlist on repeat.

oh! and yes-
you wouldn't believe it was me if there was not a little random-ness.
so here you go.

i had to take a breather.
catch my breath.
and it might as well be intoxicating.

here's my line up.
deep breath in.
kinda like in yoga.
and exhale
like you are blowing out a birthday candle or something.

catch your breath
because imma 'bout to rock this blog!

i love blogs.