Sunday, January 30, 2011


pardon me as i
and then fall in love all over again.

lately been feelin' in a funk.
even now.
i hate when in my most creative wee hours i find myself...
not so creative.
it's an artists nightmare.
hit your head against the wall...sigh...chin in the palm of your hand kind of nightmare...

i am aloud to blaaaaah on this blog.
it is mine.
right? right.

big girls don't cry. they date. sooooo.....

saturday i had a date with inspiration.
you know the rest of the story if we are fb friends.
if not, it goes like this:

dear inspiration,
we had a date today at 3pm. we are now going steady. we rock.

yes. it's now sunday.
a good day.
a sunday kind of love day.

so feel the love as i share with you this lil sneak peek, hot off the press, get ya outta that funk, what funk, game on, let's do this, omg, these images rock, can't wait to share the rest, i'm lovin' this,
who the heck is miss bliss anyhoo,
they haven't even hit the website yet...but me and inspiration are going steady.
{after one date}

ok, back to me-

who's in a funk?

sunday fb status reads:
i'll tell my own love story.

title: love story

you are my love.
you are my inspiration.
you make me wanna be better.
i deserve better.
you take me there. physically. emotionally. spiritually.
you encourage me.
you make me wanna pick up this lens and do great things.
for me. for us. for our family.
thank you.
i will tell our love story.
i love you.
the end.

in a funk- no more.
i have the key-
i {heart} my lens.

my funk-key-heart is full.

who's in a funk?!?