Tuesday, January 18, 2011

corners of my heart...

it's real time folks.
we made it.

like this blog,
it's an open book that sits perfectly placed on a quaint table.
though this blog sits perfectly on your ipad- not a quaint table.
it's opened to my favorite page,
i walk by it several times a day.
sometimes even stopping to read it time and time again,
even though i know what it says.

and so we meet again...
corners of mi casa
coners of my heart.

fb post on 1.1.11 reads:
2011: i will love harder. laugh louder. live stronger. smile bigger.
you comin'?
let's do this twenty eleven!

and i will.
i made a promise to myself.

i have set so many goals for myself this year.
i hope to accomplish all of them
or go down tryin' as hard as i can.
i am determined.

the way i see it is-
as one reflects,
the best thing to do is redirect.

redirect any thoughts that don't fill you up.
let all the others go...
focus the things that do fill you up.
the things that inspire you.
the people. the places. the things.
the sights. the sounds.

it's you.
your life.
your love.

nobody wants an empty hug.
or a hollow heart.

let your love shine.
the time is now.
define yourself.
fill yourself up.

say this aloud:
this year i will:
love harder. laugh louder. live stronger. smile bigger.
{or fill in the blank}

so in the spirit of redirecting...
{and redirecting doesn't always mean coming full circle}
and as i take off the
"inspirational hat"
i will end this post as it begun.

"believe there is always always always a way"
"when you have exhausted all possibilities remember this: you haven't."
-thomas edison

there you be.
filled up.
every corner of your heart.