Saturday, January 22, 2011

"bert-day pawty"...

the rockstar has arrived.
fashionably late.
no time to chat-
these tokens are burnin' a hole in his pocket.

game on.

jackpots later...
tickets galore.
he's stoked.


he goes for the glider, flyer, bullet, throw-it-at something toy.


they rock.

she gets that from her mama.
dylan on the other hand- is thinking,
and i quote from the rockstar himself,
"no time for a lady"
outta the mouths of babes.
{that's a whole 'nother blog post}

highlight #1 for mama:

tearing open the gifts i remind him to open the cards first to see who actually gifted the gift...
they listen.
he opens the card first.
leans over to his best bud and says,
"what does it say?"
andrew replies,
"i don't know i can't read!"
dylan shrugs his shoulders,
"i can't either!"

i just about fell over.
it was that funny.
hilarious really.

and then-
highlight #2 for mama:

the one, the only-
"nose poke"

first off-
let's make this clear.
dylan is officially smitten.

walks over
puts his arm around her
and with that nifty little "nose poker"
right in the nose.

as to say...
here take this-
you rock and i'm smitten!

mama will have to work with him on his approach...

highlight of the day...

he is officially 5.
the rock'd "bert-day pawty" sealed that deal.

i think he is pretty awesome.
nothing you don't already know.

nose poke!