Thursday, December 2, 2010

christmas casa...

halloween. no christmas.
no halloween.
i swear the tree will be up at halloween.
all the little joys that come with knowing that it WILL in fact be up in time for christmas.

a little drama.
no not much.
just me.
you know me.

ahhh the christmas casa.
cinnamon sticks
cinnamon candles
fresh rosemary and lemons on the counter
warm reds and greens
i'm a "classic chirstmas" kind of girl.

i loved loved loved my tree.
it was real this year.
it was perfectly vintage inspired.
it was big white old fashion lights.
it was hand made trimmings.
it was a snow covered front porch.
it was a red front door.
it was a roaring wood burning fire place.
it was hot cocoa with marshmallows.
it was handmade gifts.

it was most of these...
but i do believe.
i do believe it was awesome.