Tuesday, December 28, 2010

white fluffy's...

are you kidding me with these little bundles of brrr's...
are they not the cutest kiddos you have ever seen?
i think so!
they make me smile THAT smile.
you know the one.
bring out the kid in ya smile.

and so we sled.

what's that?!
what's what?
what's that?!
yes, that!
the white stuff?


i could do snow.
a lot of snow.
i think?
if.... you did most of the shoveling to clear the driveway.
i would help.
ahhh snow.
snow storms.
snow blizzards.
snow flurry's.

like - <--- that would be the negative sign! {whatever degrees}

or what about just little white fluffy's
when you want them.
i think so.
70* in Dec.
i'll take it.
just not ON christmas day.

too much to ask?
can you make that happen for me?
sure you can.

cuddle me already!!
it's freakin' cold.

oh! annnnnnd i can sled better than you.
you game?
of course you are.

let's roll!
you comin'?

who me?!
oh yeah...
i know the boots rock!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

tis the season...

ginger bread houses made
cookies made
jammie dance danced
giggles and wiggles
a note to santa written
santa sprinkled his magic
pankcakes were made
a playlist played
smiles graced the face

'tis the season.

feliz navidad!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

christmas casa...

halloween. no christmas.
no halloween.
i swear the tree will be up at halloween.
all the little joys that come with knowing that it WILL in fact be up in time for christmas.

a little drama.
no not much.
just me.
you know me.

ahhh the christmas casa.
cinnamon sticks
cinnamon candles
fresh rosemary and lemons on the counter
warm reds and greens
i'm a "classic chirstmas" kind of girl.

i loved loved loved my tree.
it was real this year.
it was perfectly vintage inspired.
it was big white old fashion lights.
it was hand made trimmings.
it was a snow covered front porch.
it was a red front door.
it was a roaring wood burning fire place.
it was hot cocoa with marshmallows.
it was handmade gifts.

it was most of these...
but i do believe.
i do believe it was awesome.