Thursday, November 25, 2010


okay so by now i am smack dab in the middle of chaos.
who has time for thanksgiving?
honest is what i am.
that is exactly what i was feeling.
it's not even cold here.
it's not in the air.

so my phone is blowing up all hours of the day and night for last minutes sessions.
edits are out the ying yang.
the list is forever long.
and i pray to God-
there are no random deletes, cards gone bad, formatting the wrong card.
basically that everything gets downloaded and backed up 3x's.

the car is packed 5 hours late.
west coast bound.
thanksgiving bound.
to grandmother's house we go.

the table is set with
china, gold silverware, candles, linens.
as is the kids table.
a baby grand in the corner sits.

we say grace.
make a toast.
the food devoured.
the football game begins on the golf course.
it's a beautiful day.
i capture it all.

we are all thankful.
so blessed.
we have our health.
a full house.
a full heart.
a full tummy.
a fulfilled life.

a full card of digital images.
did get deleted.

thanksgiving day.
don't shoot me.