Monday, November 29, 2010

supa' star...

i started dropin' the whole everything "rocks" like 18 months ago...
or longer.

probably longer.

it all started when i saw an image in my mind.
a vivid one.
what do you see?

whatever it was...
it became an digital image.
that rocks.

super swell.
fall in love kind of super swell.
a make wish upon a star kind of swell.
my hearts swells.

she rocks.
her greens rock.
her sassy-ness rocks.
her smile rocks.
her laugh rocks.
her heart rocks.
her love rocks.

she is a rockstar.
and i will tell her everyday.

because if i don't who will?

now go tell someone they rock!
you'll feel better.
because if you don't...

who will?