Monday, November 1, 2010

november corners...

this is about the time i believe i start to pull my hair out.
all my days begin to run together.
i am pullin' all nighters...
me and the 3am are great friends now.

and then with this.
all things are calm
and i carry on.
the keurig
a cup of joe in a favorite cup
gold click click "take me there" shoes
and a little book that says so much.
i'm there.
it's bliss.

nothing "fashionista" about these shoes.
but this is why i love them.

who say's i'm a fashionista anyhoo-
wait what-
i did.

we fit.
ribbed tanks
3 perfectly chunky bracelets.
and toms.

when's the next sesh...
gotta roll-

.....up in a bunch of covers and unnecessary pillows.

nope. forever has time for that.
for now-
we shoot.

are you lost?
don't be.
i'm a photog- and by now, Nov 1st, it's go time.

you comin?