Tuesday, November 23, 2010

jammin' bliss...

who rolls on an inspriational, craft fair is a must, soul feeding girls trip in the midst of the busiest time of year.

i do!

and we cried, talked, shopped, hiked, worked, laughed, loved.
and grew a great friendship into an even more amazing friendship.

oh! and how about that 10323?
talk about amazing. lots of good childhood memories there.
13 years of them. we rolled up like we owned the place.
well, we did....20 some odd years ago.
my dad's first condo that my mama nabbed
and decorated.
just kidding...
when was i born?
wait- when is your wedding anniversary?
good times....
30 wonderful blissful years.
no- not just my age. that's how long they've been married.
{soon to be 31!}

and we even made a drive by past the 'ol elementary school. talk about serious memories.

it was a fun trip.
fulfilling in many ways.
it's always good to see the ocean.
west coast always wins.
the parents are always good.

a fed soul-
even better.