Thursday, November 11, 2010

it's me...

it's late.
real late.
it's me.
pulling my hair out.
bed is callling.
screaming really.

i am passionate.
i love my work.
my mind wanders.
creatives juices flow in and out as my mind wanders.
a little photo booth wander.
it works.
b&w boosts.
photoshop is a friend, not a plastic surgeon. ha.
clients text late.
"sneak peek?"
it's just me.

you feel like you are at that point that all you want to do is not what you are doing...
make sense?
this one is deep.
maybe a little weird to you.
but some get me.
get this.
the whole,
"it's 3am, so happy to be pulling my hair out but wishing i wasn't."

feel me?
you do.
i feel it.

and so i smirk.
even when the flash is blinding.
and for the record.
i don't like the "flash."