Saturday, November 20, 2010

click click...

in the midst of the chaos..

i remind myself how lucky i am to have ruby red slippers to click.
click click.

as i wait for the next client to show i snap a little dittty.
thinking bloggable all the way.
i had good intentions to stay on top of things-
and then.
that didn't happen.
but as you can see,
so much to share.

it's not just me running around crazy with a piece of metal coming out of my eye.
i do take time to stop and smell the roses.
wait- what roses?

reminder: figure of speech.

oh right.

the dust settles and the car is parked on the this gravel/dirt road in an orchard.
game face is on.
the ruby slippers are on.

the clicks begin.
the sound of the shutter.
the click of the ruby slippers.
i love that sound.
both of them.

i don't think we are in arizona anymore...

what's your story?
i'm telling mine.