Tuesday, November 30, 2010

seeing double...

holiday sessions are in full swing.

i feel like i am seeing double.
i am

i want twins.

who's rootin' for a basketball team?

o to the m to the g!

i'm smiling.
really big.

i hate basketball.

i think this whole full time photog has got me seeing double.

blurring screen.

and so i stare at their precious-ness.
it overwhelms me.

i love my job.
i love what i do.
i love that big piece of metal in front of my face.

tiny toes.
tiny hands.
little noses.
little noises.

i can could get used to seeing double.

but for now-
maybe i should just stand in front of the mirror...
no blur.

Monday, November 29, 2010

supa' star...

i started dropin' the whole everything "rocks" like 18 months ago...
or longer.

probably longer.

it all started when i saw an image in my mind.
a vivid one.
what do you see?

whatever it was...
it became an digital image.
that rocks.

super swell.
fall in love kind of super swell.
a make wish upon a star kind of swell.
my hearts swells.

she rocks.
her greens rock.
her sassy-ness rocks.
her smile rocks.
her laugh rocks.
her heart rocks.
her love rocks.

she is a rockstar.
and i will tell her everyday.

because if i don't who will?

now go tell someone they rock!
you'll feel better.
because if you don't...

who will?

Thursday, November 25, 2010


okay so by now i am smack dab in the middle of chaos.
who has time for thanksgiving?
honest is what i am.
that is exactly what i was feeling.
it's not even cold here.
it's not in the air.

so my phone is blowing up all hours of the day and night for last minutes sessions.
edits are out the ying yang.
the list is forever long.
and i pray to God-
there are no random deletes, cards gone bad, formatting the wrong card.
basically that everything gets downloaded and backed up 3x's.

the car is packed 5 hours late.
west coast bound.
thanksgiving bound.
to grandmother's house we go.

the table is set with
china, gold silverware, candles, linens.
as is the kids table.
a baby grand in the corner sits.

we say grace.
make a toast.
the food devoured.
the football game begins on the golf course.
it's a beautiful day.
i capture it all.

we are all thankful.
so blessed.
we have our health.
a full house.
a full heart.
a full tummy.
a fulfilled life.

a full card of digital images.
did get deleted.

thanksgiving day.
don't shoot me.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

jammin' bliss...

who rolls on an inspriational, craft fair is a must, soul feeding girls trip in the midst of the busiest time of year.

i do!

and we cried, talked, shopped, hiked, worked, laughed, loved.
and grew a great friendship into an even more amazing friendship.

oh! and how about that 10323?
talk about amazing. lots of good childhood memories there.
13 years of them. we rolled up like we owned the place.
well, we did....20 some odd years ago.
my dad's first condo that my mama nabbed
and decorated.
just kidding...
when was i born?
wait- when is your wedding anniversary?
good times....
30 wonderful blissful years.
no- not just my age. that's how long they've been married.
{soon to be 31!}

and we even made a drive by past the 'ol elementary school. talk about serious memories.

it was a fun trip.
fulfilling in many ways.
it's always good to see the ocean.
west coast always wins.
the parents are always good.

a fed soul-
even better.

Monday, November 22, 2010

your bliss...

this is my bliss.
a gift.
lexie is so proud of her mama.
"my mama is miss bliss and i am miss bliss #2."
mellllllllt my heart and soul- for that matter.
and so we give the gift of bliss.
the mini sesh is well sought after in 2nd grade.

your bliss. signed. sealed. gifted.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

click click...

in the midst of the chaos..

i remind myself how lucky i am to have ruby red slippers to click.
click click.

as i wait for the next client to show i snap a little dittty.
thinking bloggable all the way.
i had good intentions to stay on top of things-
and then.
that didn't happen.
but as you can see,
so much to share.

it's not just me running around crazy with a piece of metal coming out of my eye.
i do take time to stop and smell the roses.
wait- what roses?

reminder: figure of speech.

oh right.

the dust settles and the car is parked on the this gravel/dirt road in an orchard.
game face is on.
the ruby slippers are on.

the clicks begin.
the sound of the shutter.
the click of the ruby slippers.
i love that sound.
both of them.

i don't think we are in arizona anymore...

what's your story?
i'm telling mine.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

feeling festive...

that would be the fall "fes-table" in dylan speak.
and festive it was.
kiddos would not have it any other way.
and so we played.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

win me...

annnnd yet another successful fall basket for the fall festival.

it had a perfectly shimmery bow on top
filled with fleur de lis
butterfly goodies
a scrapbook
a perfectly aged frame
words of love
crafty rubber stamps
a note pad
a sesh by miss bliss herself.

perfect randomness?

nothing random about it.
other than the fact that it was screaming:

i rock.
win me.
take me home.
i'm bliss.

but then again-
you come to expect that from me.
you wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

it's me...

it's late.
real late.
it's me.
pulling my hair out.
bed is callling.
screaming really.

i am passionate.
i love my work.
my mind wanders.
creatives juices flow in and out as my mind wanders.
a little photo booth wander.
it works.
b&w boosts.
photoshop is a friend, not a plastic surgeon. ha.
clients text late.
"sneak peek?"
it's just me.

you feel like you are at that point that all you want to do is not what you are doing...
make sense?
this one is deep.
maybe a little weird to you.
but some get me.
get this.
the whole,
"it's 3am, so happy to be pulling my hair out but wishing i wasn't."

feel me?
you do.
i feel it.

and so i smirk.
even when the flash is blinding.
and for the record.
i don't like the "flash."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

where's mama...

"where's mama going?"
"where's mama?"
"i miss mama."
"where's mama?"
"mama where are you going now?"

"another sesh."
said with every bit of thankfulness to an amazing start to a season.
bliss is in fact bonkers.
and i gleem.

and so the kiddos come to a sesh post sesh.
so i can see them
and stick my lens in their face.
happy or not.
mission accomplished.

mama's happy.

Monday, November 1, 2010

november corners...

this is about the time i believe i start to pull my hair out.
all my days begin to run together.
i am pullin' all nighters...
me and the 3am are great friends now.

and then with this.
all things are calm
and i carry on.
the keurig
a cup of joe in a favorite cup
gold click click "take me there" shoes
and a little book that says so much.
i'm there.
it's bliss.

nothing "fashionista" about these shoes.
but this is why i love them.

who say's i'm a fashionista anyhoo-
wait what-
i did.

we fit.
ribbed tanks
3 perfectly chunky bracelets.
and toms.

when's the next sesh...
gotta roll-

.....up in a bunch of covers and unnecessary pillows.

nope. forever has time for that.
for now-
we shoot.

are you lost?
don't be.
i'm a photog- and by now, Nov 1st, it's go time.

you comin?