Sunday, October 3, 2010

i did it again...

i did it again...
florida that is.

"always be aware of your surroundings"

my dad used to say and still does to this day.
i was.
i felt it.
i needed to see it. feel it. be in it.
treasures awaited behind that locked up, rusty ol' gate.

as i boarded the plane and a rental car awaited me i had a feeling...
i knew this trip was going to be more than a bunch 'o bliss packed in a tight schedule.
as my travels lead me to beautiful families, new facebook friends, happy customers.
i still search. sounds crazy, but crazy honest.
i am falling deep in love with all things real.
"everything happens for a reason" real.
"where one door closes another door opens" kind of real.
karma kind of real.

i have been on the search for the perfect vintage bicycle.
looking. searching. emailing. craigslisting. antiquing.
i won't settle. i want it old, bright, rusty, vintage.

and so it sits.
as if to say:
where have you been all my life?
right there.
the whole time.

passport must travel west.
the bike that is.
and when it arrives you will be the first to know.
it wasn't cheap...
but worth every penny.
we'll call it a trade.

isn't it grand.
awesome at it's finest.

and so beyond the locked up
"no tresspassing"
peace and soul searching await.

i spent many an hour there.
one family after another.
capturing something beautifully different every time.
every time.
seeing things most don't.
that's why i like it.
it speaks to me.
i listen.

it's a quiet quaint place.
so happy to have stumbled upon it.
or followed the path that was clearly laid out for me.

don't get me wrong. this is where the bugs bite.
little bit of a reality check as well.
as i prepare my sun kissed skin and lather with "off" bug spray...
the bugs don't stay off.
but the price you pay for amazing damp air, big moisture filled cotton candy clouds,
green lush grass, everywhere and gasp!
"where did you take those pictures?! they are amazing!"
"who knew a tire could look so good?!"
kind of feel.
it's real.
and that is what i crave.
laughter, love, light, amongst the rockin' awesome randomness.
alas! florida, boca...
we did it again...
i thank you.
this trip has touched my soul.
a piece of you stays with me.

and as for that locked up rusty 'ol gate.

it's looks to be unlocked these days.

my leopard slippers have landed.
and all to shortly depart again tomorrow.

this solid tank wearin'
"fit like butta" denim lovin'
some random ring rockin'
a little home made "bliss" by my little miss sportin'
piece of canon in hand mama
loves the florida hospitality.

it feels like home.
i have two amazing people to thank.
bruce and mimi.
i take a piece of you with me back west...
yes. west.
as in arizona.
you have made me feel so welcome in your home.
no amount of thanks you's will ever come close.
and i could hug you both a ton and send you x's and o's via text-
but nothing compares to how you have made my heart smile.
thank you.

with that-
i will close with this.
florida was good to me.
and found a piece of vintage.
the meant to be's of meant to be's.

with 4 hours
(i'm still on florida time)
until i have to rise and shine, i repack my neatly packed suitcase.
re-orginaize my jewelry bag that is filled with my big rings and silly bands.
yet another reminder of the realness that makes me, me.
they are waiting for me at home.