Thursday, September 16, 2010

L is for...

{the f sound}
is for fffffoot-ball.
foot. feet.
toes on your fffffeet.

and this little man loves school.

"why are you dropping sissy off at school and not me?"
"i need you to be in a photoshoot for a model."
"oh! sissy? mama needs me for a photoshoot so i am going to be late for sch-wool."
super excited little boy voice.....
"...but i wuv school."

and so the day starts early...
lex is off to school, reporting to dylan's teacher why he will be late...
{such a rule follower that little girl}

"bye mama. bye dyaln-ee. i love you."
"lex, i love you and have a great day."
all smiles and waves, this morning i get to "drop" her off-
such a big girl she is.

and so a busy day it was.
non-stop to say the least. dylan never made it back to school...

i believe the
"babes in hollywood"
charity event for phoenix childrens hospital will be elated.
posting here tomorrow.

and so we say goodnight to another busy day in our comfortable casa...

"yes buddy"
"will you lay with me?"
"of course."

and so we lay in the dark and chat.
i love these chats.
lex is sleeping and dylan proceeds...

F is for fffffoot-ball

D is for door
and dylan!

mama you have to do something with your tounge for L
{he opens his mouth and points to his tounge while rolling it up to make the "L" sound}
see like this...
is for light.

i am learning so many letter.
big ones and little ones."

as i sit in my spot and edit some more i here him mumbling away...
until the silence of sleeping babies.

i am so proud of that little boy who's turning into one heck of a little man...

and i now- as i type
find myself making the Lllllllll
L is for LOVE.

and there in no greater love than that of my children.