Sunday, September 12, 2010

goodnight moon...

and so we settle...
we read bedtime stories.
at the same time.
it's cute.
i here about giants. horses. god.
imaginations run wild.
as they should.
imagine that.

things are coming together nicely.
our sanctuary.

night water and all.
mr. monkey and ms. elephant.
that is one expensive elephant.
i am reminded every time i see her.
we giggle and say in that- i am talking like a stuffed animal voice...
"goodnight mr. monkey, goodnight ms. elephant..."
giggle and ask ouselves
"what if mr. monkey and ms. elephant got married?"
and had a baby...
would it be a
biggest silly giggles ever.

goodnight loves.
snug as a bug.
love bug.
i love you lex
i love you dylan-ee

and then off to the sanctuary
where the scent of an over priced anthro candle is bliss
a hand painted piece of canvas is a reminder of how to love everyday
it's a beautiful thing.

goodnight moon...
i love you.