Sunday, September 26, 2010

{epic} roadtrip!

"rock it sweetness!"
let's do this.

we depart 30 minutes late.
of course.

uncontrollably laughing the entire way.
the kind that replace a good ab workout.
yep! that good.
that LOL with my girls in the car

facebooking all the way...
it's a fra la la
kind of beautiful day.

oooooh i like this spot.
{not quite to our destination}
"yes. here."
"it's says keep out!!"
"yeah- watch the broken glass."

oh- thats right...
d- has never been on a "destination sesh" with me...

my "this location rocks" motto:
it's better to ask forgiveness than permission...

stunnas on. infamous black tank. baggy "to big" work denim. a handmade "bliss" bracelet, hair tie and a little hope around the wrist, my rosary- a heart gracing the neckline. a hand on my hip and piece of metal cocked off to the side...

"you game or what?"


cleary- i can't take credit for the pics of miss bliss's day at the office-
but i can sure say thank you.
senior session's ROCK and so do the mama's.
i had no idea the trusty little iphone was hard at work...
which makes them rock even harder.

i am a firm believer people are brought into your life for a reason.
these images of me at work are priceless, just as the ones i was taking of her daughter.
they couldn't have been taken at a better time for me.
i am embracing my work more now than ever.
not that i haven't in the past. but as an "artist" of sorts i am growing. i feel my growth. it feels so good. i know what i want out of my sessions and i am stamping them with my style.
you either like it or you don't and that's ok.
either way. that's the beauty in art, images, and style.
i like my style.
a little random. a little traditional. a whole lot of natural bright light.

i was more than elated with today.
phenomenal day.

as our day came to a end before the best light of the day...
we call it a day.

and i find a spot- to sit.
a "my style" picturesque place to park it.
the lens get's passed.
i want a pic or two with my girls-
who fully and completely trusted me, my vision, my style.

and let's not forget my partner in crime.
my call anytime. my text anytime. my encouragement.
my make me laugh so hard my stomach muscles ache.
my omg i need a drink.
my friend who knows and understands me all to well.

it is no surprise to her at all that i-
find some random red vintage VW bus plastered with even more random bumper stickers and a rainbow sunshade in the windshield, while i park my bootie on it and make a "mini sesh" out of me pointing to a "spank me" sticker while LOL-ing as it sits on some almost abandoned street screaming my name.


because that's how i roll...
blue jeans and a rosary.