Sunday, September 19, 2010

follow my flutters...

ok- so i can't take it any longer.
the text messages. the emails. the fb messages...
i am overwhelmed.
with delight.
with flutters.
the good kind.

the response to my blog "going private" was unbelievable.
i'm actually quite thrilled.
good craziness.
i never intended to keep it that way but i wanted to work some kinks out...
and an updated bio written.
i had no idea that this many of you- many i don't even know- at all-
follow my creative outlet for life, love, passion, frustration, motherhood, photography, randomness.
i had no clue.
over joyed can i tell you?!
you all rock.

knowing me, in my mind i had this big "voila" post in the works. you know-
a big sha-bang! pa-zow!
blog post planned...
but time as usual gets in my way.
and not to mention saddened that for one reason or another i didn't want you, you, or you seeing my blog.
so i rushed home this am,
green tea in hand and sat here.
and typed away.
no sha-zam or sha-bang or pa-zow blog post.
just me.
and heads up!
with what i- well...
{we- lj will remain nameless ;)}
have been working on.

pardon as i ramble to lj-
{thank you for understanding me and what i can't seem to ever get just right until we calaborate on designs. you know me better you think and and are such a huge part of my life is so many ways and i can't thank you enough. you get it and you get me. that my friend says so much.}

post ramble.
i feel like i have grown a little in the past few weeks.
well a lot.
so much so that i feel like a "big girl" now.
a dot com girl.
you know...
no worries- no changes need to be made on your part.
but as you can see in your address bar thingy...
it now says proudly:
big girl status.

so some of the changes that you have seen or continue to see
will be me spreading my wings and fluttering.
'cause that's what i do.

bliss is bonkers. you have heard that before...
but seems as though lately miss bliss has taken this business to the next level.
so happy with my work and my clients and the out pouring of interest and support- it's bliss.
no pun intended.

so as i ramble...
i had to get this blog o' mine up and running pronto.
it's a piece of me. a big piece. as are all of you who read, listen, respond, and respect
my place. my space.

so welcome!
this is my bliss.
you may notice some botox is still being added here and there...

but i invite you to continue follow as we flounder..
i mean flutter-
into a new look and a bright future.

{enjoy the sneak peek}

god bless the butterfly
give her the strength to fly
never let her wings touch the ground...