Tuesday, September 14, 2010

barefoot in the kitchen...

to bake. again.
so nice.
i do love to cook.
on the go moving food. blah.
no thanks.

a sassy apron i will do, with matching toes in fact.
and so they hang. the aprons. perfectly in the pantry.
freshly washed. un-pressed by that rowenta- god i love this iron- iron.
i busted it and the ironing board out for a lil' perfectly pressed bed skirt action.
ok. off subject.
but the aprons should be pressed.
then again... that would mean i was perfect.
and i'm not.

so in the oven it goes.
two big 'ol pans, as if i'm feeding grown men.
over kill really.
leftovers rock.
timer set and we wait.
that walk in the door smell something baking smell rocks too.
so does that timer btw-
{old fashion timer ring}
and just like that dinner is served.

did i mention i love to cook?
and while i cook, i sip-
on the mornings coffee that was left on the counter-
this time on ice.
no wasting here.

freshly painted orange toes. check.
sassy apron. check
barefoot in the kichen. check.
mi cocina. check.

come and eat.