Sunday, September 26, 2010

{epic} roadtrip!

"rock it sweetness!"
let's do this.

we depart 30 minutes late.
of course.

uncontrollably laughing the entire way.
the kind that replace a good ab workout.
yep! that good.
that LOL with my girls in the car

facebooking all the way...
it's a fra la la
kind of beautiful day.

oooooh i like this spot.
{not quite to our destination}
"yes. here."
"it's says keep out!!"
"yeah- watch the broken glass."

oh- thats right...
d- has never been on a "destination sesh" with me...

my "this location rocks" motto:
it's better to ask forgiveness than permission...

stunnas on. infamous black tank. baggy "to big" work denim. a handmade "bliss" bracelet, hair tie and a little hope around the wrist, my rosary- a heart gracing the neckline. a hand on my hip and piece of metal cocked off to the side...

"you game or what?"


cleary- i can't take credit for the pics of miss bliss's day at the office-
but i can sure say thank you.
senior session's ROCK and so do the mama's.
i had no idea the trusty little iphone was hard at work...
which makes them rock even harder.

i am a firm believer people are brought into your life for a reason.
these images of me at work are priceless, just as the ones i was taking of her daughter.
they couldn't have been taken at a better time for me.
i am embracing my work more now than ever.
not that i haven't in the past. but as an "artist" of sorts i am growing. i feel my growth. it feels so good. i know what i want out of my sessions and i am stamping them with my style.
you either like it or you don't and that's ok.
either way. that's the beauty in art, images, and style.
i like my style.
a little random. a little traditional. a whole lot of natural bright light.

i was more than elated with today.
phenomenal day.

as our day came to a end before the best light of the day...
we call it a day.

and i find a spot- to sit.
a "my style" picturesque place to park it.
the lens get's passed.
i want a pic or two with my girls-
who fully and completely trusted me, my vision, my style.

and let's not forget my partner in crime.
my call anytime. my text anytime. my encouragement.
my make me laugh so hard my stomach muscles ache.
my omg i need a drink.
my friend who knows and understands me all to well.

it is no surprise to her at all that i-
find some random red vintage VW bus plastered with even more random bumper stickers and a rainbow sunshade in the windshield, while i park my bootie on it and make a "mini sesh" out of me pointing to a "spank me" sticker while LOL-ing as it sits on some almost abandoned street screaming my name.


because that's how i roll...
blue jeans and a rosary.

Friday, September 24, 2010

welcome home...

Mi casa es su casa kind of blog…

I was told the other day and I quote “without money there is no family."

No- you read it right.

Such a devastating statement.

How could someone be so shallow to even shutter the thought but I thank you-

you have given me a reason to debate.

I decided to take a little drive. I stumble across some potential location greatness but didn’t have my camera in tow. So I venture again a few days later, camera in tow with the smell of rain only the desert can give as I drive up to this old abandoned "if walls could talk" little casa. I get out of the car and fall in l.o.v.e.

What a house. What a sky. What a story…

Even abandoned, alone, broke, it spoke to me. It has a history.

I wonder who lived there?

When did they live there?

How old is this place?

Boarded up and random belongings spread throughout the home, because at one point it was a home.

A house is a house but it takes very little money to make a house a home. All of this crossing my mind as I walk over broken glass, wood and old rusted nails. I am in flip flops, my shoe of choice. Because of my recent move I guess I feel compelled and ABSOLUTLY BLESSED that no amount of money is needed to make my house a home. I look at this shack, let’s face it- it was once a home but after years of abandonment it has lost it’s zeal to be called that- it’s empty.

Let’s put this in perspective.

If there were millions of dollars piled up behind those boarded windows and broken glass would this shack feel more like a home to you?


If your children, husband or wife, mom or dad, sister or brother, niece or nephew were sitting on the what used to be a front porch or leaning on the rotted plywood be more appealing?

The answer.

So clear. Crystal clear to me.

What speaks to your heart? What makes your house a home?

Here’s the crazy thing. Empty now…but had my kids been sitting there looking at me while I looked through my lens. I can guarantee ONE thing. That shack, that old abandoned house, very quickly would have become my home. My everything. My life. My love. My world. My rotten plywood. My broken glass. Mi casa.


I am loving the light. I couldn’t have asked for a better sky. The amount of peace I get when driving, scouting, working, shooting, editing, telling a story- well, I can’t explain it. I am just glad I am at peace with this thing I call work, and thankful that I can make a little money with my passion. Clearly, money is important. In fact it is quiet necesscery to an extent. But will I quantify this statement as the truth?


May my family NEVER feel that money ever be more important than the l.o.v.e, warmth, truthfulness, humbleness, respect, affection, admiration, and appreciation. May those things continue to consume us and make our house, wherever that may be, a home.

And that little shack… I just made it a home…


Mi casa es su casa…

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

keep us...

keep us.
keep us together forever.
keep us full of our love.
keep us best friends.
keep us safe.
keep us little.
keep us happy.
keep us healthy.
keep us real.
keep us blessed.
keep us- us.

i will keep you.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

follow my flutters...

ok- so i can't take it any longer.
the text messages. the emails. the fb messages...
i am overwhelmed.
with delight.
with flutters.
the good kind.

the response to my blog "going private" was unbelievable.
i'm actually quite thrilled.
good craziness.
i never intended to keep it that way but i wanted to work some kinks out...
and an updated bio written.
i had no idea that this many of you- many i don't even know- at all-
follow my creative outlet for life, love, passion, frustration, motherhood, photography, randomness.
i had no clue.
over joyed can i tell you?!
you all rock.

knowing me, in my mind i had this big "voila" post in the works. you know-
a big sha-bang! pa-zow!
blog post planned...
but time as usual gets in my way.
and not to mention saddened that for one reason or another i didn't want you, you, or you seeing my blog.
so i rushed home this am,
green tea in hand and sat here.
and typed away.
no sha-zam or sha-bang or pa-zow blog post.
just me.
and heads up!
with what i- well...
{we- lj will remain nameless ;)}
have been working on.

pardon as i ramble to lj-
{thank you for understanding me and what i can't seem to ever get just right until we calaborate on designs. you know me better you think and and are such a huge part of my life is so many ways and i can't thank you enough. you get it and you get me. that my friend says so much.}

post ramble.
i feel like i have grown a little in the past few weeks.
well a lot.
so much so that i feel like a "big girl" now.
a dot com girl.
you know...
no worries- no changes need to be made on your part.
but as you can see in your address bar thingy...
it now says proudly:
big girl status.

so some of the changes that you have seen or continue to see
will be me spreading my wings and fluttering.
'cause that's what i do.

bliss is bonkers. you have heard that before...
but seems as though lately miss bliss has taken this business to the next level.
so happy with my work and my clients and the out pouring of interest and support- it's bliss.
no pun intended.

so as i ramble...
i had to get this blog o' mine up and running pronto.
it's a piece of me. a big piece. as are all of you who read, listen, respond, and respect
my place. my space.

so welcome!
this is my bliss.
you may notice some botox is still being added here and there...

but i invite you to continue follow as we flounder..
i mean flutter-
into a new look and a bright future.

{enjoy the sneak peek}

god bless the butterfly
give her the strength to fly
never let her wings touch the ground...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

L is for...

{the f sound}
is for fffffoot-ball.
foot. feet.
toes on your fffffeet.

and this little man loves school.

"why are you dropping sissy off at school and not me?"
"i need you to be in a photoshoot for a model."
"oh! sissy? mama needs me for a photoshoot so i am going to be late for sch-wool."
super excited little boy voice.....
"...but i wuv school."

and so the day starts early...
lex is off to school, reporting to dylan's teacher why he will be late...
{such a rule follower that little girl}

"bye mama. bye dyaln-ee. i love you."
"lex, i love you and have a great day."
all smiles and waves, this morning i get to "drop" her off-
such a big girl she is.

and so a busy day it was.
non-stop to say the least. dylan never made it back to school...

i believe the
"babes in hollywood"
charity event for phoenix childrens hospital will be elated.
posting here tomorrow.

and so we say goodnight to another busy day in our comfortable casa...

"yes buddy"
"will you lay with me?"
"of course."

and so we lay in the dark and chat.
i love these chats.
lex is sleeping and dylan proceeds...

F is for fffffoot-ball

D is for door
and dylan!

mama you have to do something with your tounge for L
{he opens his mouth and points to his tounge while rolling it up to make the "L" sound}
see like this...
is for light.

i am learning so many letter.
big ones and little ones."

as i sit in my spot and edit some more i here him mumbling away...
until the silence of sleeping babies.

i am so proud of that little boy who's turning into one heck of a little man...

and i now- as i type
find myself making the Lllllllll
L is for LOVE.

and there in no greater love than that of my children.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

barefoot in the kitchen...

to bake. again.
so nice.
i do love to cook.
on the go moving food. blah.
no thanks.

a sassy apron i will do, with matching toes in fact.
and so they hang. the aprons. perfectly in the pantry.
freshly washed. un-pressed by that rowenta- god i love this iron- iron.
i busted it and the ironing board out for a lil' perfectly pressed bed skirt action.
ok. off subject.
but the aprons should be pressed.
then again... that would mean i was perfect.
and i'm not.

so in the oven it goes.
two big 'ol pans, as if i'm feeding grown men.
over kill really.
leftovers rock.
timer set and we wait.
that walk in the door smell something baking smell rocks too.
so does that timer btw-
{old fashion timer ring}
and just like that dinner is served.

did i mention i love to cook?
and while i cook, i sip-
on the mornings coffee that was left on the counter-
this time on ice.
no wasting here.

freshly painted orange toes. check.
sassy apron. check
barefoot in the kichen. check.
mi cocina. check.

come and eat.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

goodnight moon...

and so we settle...
we read bedtime stories.
at the same time.
it's cute.
i here about giants. horses. god.
imaginations run wild.
as they should.
imagine that.

things are coming together nicely.
our sanctuary.

night water and all.
mr. monkey and ms. elephant.
that is one expensive elephant.
i am reminded every time i see her.
we giggle and say in that- i am talking like a stuffed animal voice...
"goodnight mr. monkey, goodnight ms. elephant..."
giggle and ask ouselves
"what if mr. monkey and ms. elephant got married?"
and had a baby...
would it be a
biggest silly giggles ever.

goodnight loves.
snug as a bug.
love bug.
i love you lex
i love you dylan-ee

and then off to the sanctuary
where the scent of an over priced anthro candle is bliss
a hand painted piece of canvas is a reminder of how to love everyday
it's a beautiful thing.

goodnight moon...
i love you.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

on the move...

i miss you.
a lot.
i haven't been ignoring you.
just really busy...
busy. boxed. busting at the seams...

mi casa es su casa...
keep you posted on the details.

and there are details.

but aren't you glad i stopped by to say hi....

daily bloggin' to resume soon.
{3 day a week would make me smile}
blah. blah. blah.

to the house that built me..

...back on the move.

ps. i love that girl- sh-meared glass and all.