Monday, August 23, 2010


facebook post reads:
baby steps to big dreams...or you can just take a leap of faith.

no rain today
however a few days ago, after attending lexie's back to school night
my camera sat in the seat next to me just like good company does.
just sat and listened...
as i walked out of her class after "proud mama" moments and read a welcome note she left neatly on her desk, the wind blew, hard.
the smell of rain in the desert- none like it.
i love that smell.
it tried to pour. making more of a fuss and a beautiful sky than any amount of precipitation.
rain already!
spitting on me, my windshield and a little on my lens, i captured that magnificent sky.
...and just like that a rainbow.

for some reason anytime you see a rainbow. hope.
hope that there is a pot of gold at the end...
or maybe just a cute little leprechaun dancing and making you smile.
either one.
it's a magnificent thing.
amazing really.
makes you believe.
believe all things are possible.
gives you courage.
courage to look to find what exactly is at the end of the rainbow...
maybe for that pot of gold? or just the hunt for it is fun too...

and then alas!
the sun peeps through
breaking up the clouds and the color...
the bright light. the light at the end of the tunnel...
pure joy.
somewhere over that rainbow
blue skies.
big soft white cotton candy clouds.
like soft white clean sheets blowing in the wind...
but in the in shape of a big 'ol open let me love you heart.

go look again.
you'll see it.
somewhere over the rainbow.