Friday, August 13, 2010

looking through lips...

and so the sun does shine in san diego...

we've made it through the first week of school.
i had no doubts-
my kiddos love school but it does
make me reminisce on some of our summer fun.
there's too much to post.
i try.
but to be honest-
i am ready for real time.
you're missing the banana nut bread and random road trips...
not really- i will post.
but i'm ready for real time...
did i say that already?
this is like a 4th job...
{that ways extremely heavy on my mind when it is incomplete}
'cause i have like 3-
wait 4.
no reading between the lines here....
i hate that i feel like i am running 24/7
probably 'cause i am. literally.
oh! and that reminds me you haven't see the new kicks either-
catch my drift?
r.e.a.l time.

i will admit
looking through lips is kind of fun...
almost as good as rose colored glasses-
but better.