Sunday, August 8, 2010

let the summer begin...

wait what?!
i said...
let the summer begin...

balloon pop.
summer has begun.
past tense.
tomorrow will mark the first day of school.
and that fun filled grab the hose and lets dance in the rain kind of the day
was, in fact- the first day of summer.
let me just say this-
it flew by.
with that being said-
i will be the first to admit i did have my pulling out my hair, when in the world
does school start days...a few of them.
but, for the most part this summer has been filled with a lot of
travels, fun, work, road trips, smiles, some tears
and a whole 'lotta L.O.V.E.

fall will be here before you know it.
busy busy days are ahead.
i am already booking into december.
such a good feeling all the same.
but i will tell you as this summer flew by
i am over time flying by...
i am ready for
a little soak it all in moments
quiet ones
write a book ones
digital rocks but a scrapbook with glue marks and ribbon rocks harder
new bedding
a rockin' canvas over a mantle
cardigan days
candle burning nights
fit like butta jeans

ha. it's 108*-ish

give me that hose and let me dance in the rain...

ps. annnnd for my -i blog 4 u- followers...
i have every intention on catching up on my blogging.
full force.