Friday, July 16, 2010

p.s. i love you...

a dear friend who knows me all to well-
gifted me with a happy birthday bliss tin.
though it was over a month ago, i still gleem.
a tin-
so me.
post cards-
so me.
random quotes-
so me.
so me.
simple earrings-
so me.
a little vintage feel-
so me.
a book waiting to be finished-
so me.
a romantic at heart-
so me.

thank you
my so me friend

so while i read
eat. pray. love.
and i-
eat, pray, and love...
let me sip on my aj's green tea
and write you a love letter
on a nifty lil'
vintage feel
random quote
with lots of color
bring out the romantic in me
so me
post card.

ps. i love you.