Wednesday, July 7, 2010

just be...

don't get me wrong...
i have plenty to do-
more than i feel like i can handle sometimes.
a lot of the time, really.
though it's so hard to vent so publicly sometimes.
then again- not.
just humor me...i NEED this post.

i love this blog.
basketball- not so much....
ha! just kidding...but really?!
find a team already so we can all move on with our fa la la frolicking in the sunshine.
{why am i crying}

waaaaaay random.
has nothing to do with basketball or him...

i have been so blessed with this thing i call work-
that sometimes it hits me all at once that i am just one person.
i can do it all and i will but-
the big but word....
it's overwhelming sometimes.
and so-
i took a few minutes and well did just that-
layed in the sun, that is, and counted every beautiful thing i saw.
THAT is overwhelming.
i see so much.
and how complicated for me...
{not really}
{i just feel like using my late night ready to be kissed goodnight whiny voice right now}
that i see so many things through this lens.
so many.
everything is an image.
a picture perfect image.
why would i want to see it any other way...
and if it's not, i will find the beauty in it.
that's the beauty of photography.
and life really-
it's all perspective, what moves you, what speaks to you, what makes you happy
what makes you love- hard.
so for me...
amongst the crazy hectic-ness
i will always find time to stop-
{clean mi casa}
be thankful
with my whole heart.

but that's just me-
and i will just be...

"stop and smell the flowers
and lose it, in sweet music
and dance with me
there is beauty in the world"