Wednesday, July 14, 2010

for reals...

another wowza for the record.
another week just passes on by...
where does the time go?

so honestly-
i have been fighting with myself lately.
a lot.
i am struggling-
with perfection.
it's an issue and i could go on and on forever.
me being a perfectionista about so many things-
spare me naming them all.
trust me.
i know and get the deal-
it's me your talkin' to.
real-ness is my deal.

sweet pics of lex eh?
yes, she is my baby girl. love her to pieces.
{here goes my perfectionista vent}
why oh why-
it's like the manicurist with bad nails
the plumber with a leak
the photog that can't capture her own kiddos.
that's life. real life.
what a concept.
good thing i LOVE backsides.
really. i do.
i love the
from behind don't look at me poses.
don't need to see that amazingly beautiful face.
{i do love those shots}
i love rambling, run on, bad punctuation, makes you turn your head and wrinkle your forehead sentences.
they rock.
this is my blog- remember?
i can vent.

and so goes it....
everyone is entitled to there opinion.
so here is mine-
i just needed to set that hunk of metal downnnnnnn.
and be- for reals.

so i did.

day two in cali with my baby girl and bff goes like this
work aside. pool time. girl time.
lex let me snap one pic with her.
go PLAY in the pool already!
chat- ity chat.
oh! no worries-
i also basked in that
oh so harsh sun.
shadows. wrinklely faces and all.
i soooo used that
i love to hate this point and shoot canon.

it felt so good.
and do i care about a bare face, pool side, that's not my best side, bad angles-

heck no. just the moment.

so fast forward to post post-
lex won't look at her mama who had some high expectations
for her little miss and her beach bliss...

they rock. as they are. they are her.
i love that face.
bad light and all.

my point-
for reals?!

it's good to be real.
for real.