Thursday, June 24, 2010

random rocks...

really?!? no- REALLY?!?!
can you say random!?

"v- go sit on the peacock!"
clickity click.

here's to the girl who helped me plan, coordinate, book, scout...
basically all things florida-
this was her.
she had her heart in it.
her whole heart.
for that- i am grateful.

and our story goes like this:

wait what?!
more random-ness...
oh! and the sign is too.
we are at the beach-
go figure.
but i have never been good at following the rules...
or trespassing signs for that matter.

meet holly-
she has frequented this blog a lot lately.
and i find myself frequently asking...
"how lucky am i to have a friend like her?"

i won't call it luck-

she seems to get it.
through my eyes.
through my lens.

holly: "i need a picture of you by that trash can."
me: "what? the trash can? how about the "recycle" one?"
as if it was an "upgrade."
me: "why?"
holly: "it's a bliss shot!"
me: "the trash can?"

i love how she is comfortable enough to grab that canon outta my hands and rolls with it-
bossing- just like me.
holly: "go sit."
me: "ok."
clickity click.
and so she gets her way...

me: "wait! we have all this beautiful scenery and we are here- by the trash can?"

that's what i said-

holly: "you could revolve a sesh around that trash can and still make it look good."

her point?
i have a style.
i know what i like.
when i see it, i know it-
random as it is sometimes...
{like falling down abandon homesteads in boca- who'da thought?}
it's me.
my story through my lens.
she get's it.

as does she.
meet mimi.

mimi: "wait! i want in"

aww mimi-

me: "are you sure... by the trash can?!"

holly: "wait! i want in"

{group effort, couldn't have done it with out either of them- nor would i have wanted to}

and so on the last evening on the east coast, we sat.
by a trash can, a recycle bin.
a bliss shot indeed.

we rocked florida.
we rocked that trash can.
we rock random.

thank you both from the bottom of my heart.