Tuesday, June 15, 2010

and so i survived...

where do i begin?
way too much to catch up on unless of course we did lunch and it was a
vmg ramble arm fling talkin' supa' fast catch you up on all the shizzle- kind of lunch....
since some of you are out of stater's and as some of you read this i will be on my way out of the state
why don't we just chat now...whata' ya say??
and btw- this is the
vmg ramble arm fling talkin' supa' fast catch you up on all the shizzle- kind of chat....

the crazy-ness started actually a week before my b-day and goes like this:

how about those faces!?
{the good kind!}
the i could squeeze and hug and kiss and boochie and spank, i mean-
hug and love and never let go faces!
l.o.v.e them more than words could even come close.
how cute were they at their first bah mitzvah...
Mazel Tov!

next stop:
san diego

a little mom time
a little shoe buying
a little blurry photo
a little room {home} with a view
happy kiddos

a lil birthday celebration
a BESTEST friend ever.
a very thankful 30 year old.

seaport village we frequent
we walk and talk and eat
and a lil carousel ride takes me back...

next stop:
newport beach

aka: the recovery

and i get a text from this girl {up there} that says:
come in through the side, put your stuff down,
walk down to the beach until you see us-
oh! i am wearing a big sweat shirt
because it freezing!
welcome to cali my friend!

next stop:
scottsdale, az

the best day ever!
here's to 30!
fab food
fab friends
fab festivities allll day long!
one fabulous smile!
big huge "you are simply the best" hug
thank you kelly!

oh! but the celebrations were just beginning....
2 more birthdays!
h&h rock'd the day
we all rock'd that brick wall...
just sayin'

so i will leave you with this-
things have been crazy sexy busy-
just crazy busy!!!
{i crack myself up! it sounded so good...}
but at any rate-
it's busy.
work is fantastic!
{hence the long time no blog, followed by a big fat booo!}
but i'm baaackkk
{you've heard it before, i know...}
i will try to stay on top of my game from here on out.
you have no idea the feeling i get when i don't get to ramble on this thing!

oh! and the pic above-
yes, that is me- typical vmg LOL-ing!
best feeling in the world!
just a lil miss bliss action-
speaking of miss bliss...
she, well i- am off to the sunshine state in the am...
booked solid.
{i can always squeeze you in}
wish me luck! say a prayer! all that good karma stuff!

let's do this florida.

love you all...