Saturday, June 26, 2010

shine on...

7 years ago today i became a mama to an AMAZING little girl...

happy birthday to my lil' miss sunshine!
what a ray of light you are...
shine on baby girl. shine on.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

random rocks...

really?!? no- REALLY?!?!
can you say random!?

"v- go sit on the peacock!"
clickity click.

here's to the girl who helped me plan, coordinate, book, scout...
basically all things florida-
this was her.
she had her heart in it.
her whole heart.
for that- i am grateful.

and our story goes like this:

wait what?!
more random-ness...
oh! and the sign is too.
we are at the beach-
go figure.
but i have never been good at following the rules...
or trespassing signs for that matter.

meet holly-
she has frequented this blog a lot lately.
and i find myself frequently asking...
"how lucky am i to have a friend like her?"

i won't call it luck-

she seems to get it.
through my eyes.
through my lens.

holly: "i need a picture of you by that trash can."
me: "what? the trash can? how about the "recycle" one?"
as if it was an "upgrade."
me: "why?"
holly: "it's a bliss shot!"
me: "the trash can?"

i love how she is comfortable enough to grab that canon outta my hands and rolls with it-
bossing- just like me.
holly: "go sit."
me: "ok."
clickity click.
and so she gets her way...

me: "wait! we have all this beautiful scenery and we are here- by the trash can?"

that's what i said-

holly: "you could revolve a sesh around that trash can and still make it look good."

her point?
i have a style.
i know what i like.
when i see it, i know it-
random as it is sometimes...
{like falling down abandon homesteads in boca- who'da thought?}
it's me.
my story through my lens.
she get's it.

as does she.
meet mimi.

mimi: "wait! i want in"

aww mimi-

me: "are you sure... by the trash can?!"

holly: "wait! i want in"

{group effort, couldn't have done it with out either of them- nor would i have wanted to}

and so on the last evening on the east coast, we sat.
by a trash can, a recycle bin.
a bliss shot indeed.

we rocked florida.
we rocked that trash can.
we rock random.

thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


post preface:
i am trying to take you through my florida trip swiftly yet detailed because for me, it was full of detail. detail that reminded me that this is in fact something
i am passionate about.
a remarkable trip, to say the least and i am so elated i had the chance to work with such WON.DER.FUL people.
clients turned friends turned family-
that's just how i roll...

meet max.
he rocks.

{no- he is not mine...though i would soooo keep him!}

our story goes like this:
i met mr. max about a month ago at this kick a** bah mitzvah
{short sweet and to the point}
he was not that big of a fan of me- or my lens...
so i thought.

fast forward:
so i show up with his favorite aunt and uncle in the whole wide world and his mimi-
{to my kids mimi is their blanket- to max it's his rockin' g-ma}
at this point i am loving florida and all it intales- except the mosquitos.
coconut grove has my name all over it.
so as we pull up to his
oh so fabulous big tress green grass perfectly pottery barn picturesque home-
he greets me at the door. the cutest little boy you have layed eyes on.
so excited to see me and my lens only because he wants to show me his lens.
his camera body is made of blue plastic.
he knows how to use it and informs me, very matter of factly, that he will be "helping" me take photos...

and so we bond.
it has been said that he is the most quiet, shy, kiddo-
you have a bond.
did i mention we have a bond?
during our sesh- that quiet shy-ness came out...a few times.
i needed him to be that un-shy, perfectly smiley, happy little joy that he is.
so we played a game.

are you ready?

in quotes...
max-come here...
i have secret to tell you
on the count of three
run from me to daddy and jump on him
run from me to mommy and hug her leg...
end quotes...

and so it began...
for the rest of the sesh...

at this point we are on to an out fit change and new location.
we've bonded.
but you already knew that-
and it is here i realize
{btw- i love when my besties are comfortable enough to grab my piece of metal and shoot- just sayin'}
so i was saying...
it is here that i realize that for me and max, for that matter-
this is NOT just a job nor just a sesh.
it's a moment.
a crucial moment for me that confirms very clearly-
that i in fact l.o.v.e what i do.
it touches peoples lives. it affects people.
it moves them and that is powerful.

you become part of my bliss family.
mi familia.
it is not just a job or just a sesh
it is my passion.

so much so-
no amount of mosquito bites could stop this lil' passionista from
chasing locations, chasing the light, capturing the love...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

it was bliss...

and when i decided to take a drive...

i found myself in the most beautiful parts of "boca" some might not even know exist.
well- maybe they do...
but when you make a left on "atlantic" insted of a right-
you head more toward the stuff that pulls on my heart strings...
wide open spaces.

and of course if you do take that right on "atlantic"
i've found a place in my heart for del rey beach as well...

{what a shame i don't know them- what a great moment.}
moments make memories...

my adventure lead me to seashells...
perfect ones.

footprints in the sand...

and thought.

thoughts of how weird it was to not see the "sunset" at the waters edge.

there's something about the east coast...
the warmth of the water,
the ray of sunshine on your back,
the sea green hint of color,
the humid "make my hair crazy lion hair" ocean air.

is barefoot in the sand...

it was in fact, just that...

east coast style...