Tuesday, May 18, 2010

thoughtful thank yous...

i love to love the mailman, my inbox, the lil' envelope on my phone...

here's what they said-

just wanted to say thank you for all the fantastic pics of maddie and jack.
love them all!!
definitely will be back for more. -susan :)
{yes, she drew a smiley}

and one in the inbox reads like this:

thank you very much for such a great session and extra shots! {much appreciated} jason loved the ones with the boys in the choke hold- funny and cute, not necessarily ones that other photographers would have given us because they are not traditional. we love the shots that we were ready for and those we weren't. that is what makes these so special. i really look forward to another session with you. it was truly fun. thanks for helping us hang special memories of a fun shoot! -tammy

yet another:

i was just thinkin' you rock! -steven

one more:

omg! i'm dying right now. i love them. thank you so much. you do amazing work and we look forward to working with you in the future. -jenny

and this one via text:

you're missin' the best light of the day to photograph the canvas. just sayin' :)
these are not just pictures in my home- they are pieces of art. i heart u! -holly

recognition of good light is always a good thing!
that makes me smile. they all do.

simply stated. this r.o.c.k.s!
meaningful, thoughtful thank you's for my work, my time, my passion.
it feels good to be appreciated.


1.to be grateful or thankful for

2. appreciate, esteem, prize, value imply holding something in high regard. to appreciate is to exercise wise judgment, delicate perception, and keen insight in realizing the worth of something. to esteem is to feel respect combined with a warm, kindly feeling. to value is to attach importance to a thing because of its worth (material or otherwise).
to prize
is to value highly and cherish.

and something that i appreciate today:
a little off subject but sooooo not at the same time-

one of my dearest and oldest friends along with her 3 kiddos said good-bye today...
{for a long short while...}
her husband, their daddy has left on deployment to serve this country.
it doesn't go unrecognized or unappreciated with this girl.
thank you nell for letting him go.
thank you jj for your service.
god speed.

you can find her thoughts here.