Sunday, May 16, 2010

more thoughts on motherhood...

hello. hewo. hola.
long time no blog.
{big fat booooo! or a dislike for the positive facebookers!}
so pretend it's tuesday may 11th...
bigger sigh....
lordy! time is flying.

no sigh here folks.
no seriously did you read the sign...
scroll up!
THAT one!
did i read that right?!?
"welcome first grade families"

here is it...
balloon pop sigh...
as i slump down and cross my arms and pout!
1st grade-
it came and went just like that.
we celebrated with sing along songs like:
what a wonderful world and you are my sunshine.

that little girl growing up way to fast- is my sunshine.
my ray of light.
my world.
my reminder.

my reminder:
life is too short
slow down
take the time
capture every minute
embrace every moment.

if you know me, then you know- i need the reminder.
i am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a photographer, a blogger, a facebooker, a wanna be tweeter, a neighbor, a gym rat, a i am feeling like i am something to everyone all the time. that being said- it's even more apparent to me- to remind myself, to slow down. it feels like yesterday i was posting this same post about my little miss saying good-bye to kindergarten and helllll-O first grade. never would i have thought that it would have gone so fast.
flew bye. fast.too fast.
{my screen is getting blurry. code for tears.}
as i type my own reminder...

hopefully there will never come a day when she won't want to make silly heart hats and love on her little brother in front of all of her friends because she is the big sister...
however, that day may come- so be sure to embrace and enjoy every minute.
{even the- absolutely outta-control, you did not just talk back to me,
i asked you to put your toys away, please stop being so loud, you are not wearing that, did you brush your teeth, can i brush you hair, yes- it's time for bed,
stop fighting with your brother- minutes}
sometimes life may seem to get in the way and we all get busy but promise me no matter how busy or how distracted you may become, always, always, always
remind yourself to stop.
slow down.
capture your life. capture your bliss.

your heart.

i promise.
here we come 2nd grade...