Monday, May 24, 2010


as i click on my blog to refresh myself...

hence this post rambling so vmg post...
{let me catch you up}

monday morning.
dylan and mama wake up at leisure...late-
we cuddle up on the couch as if we have no place to be- on time. just school.
3 more days left until summa' time...
so excited. no rush. no homework. no tardies. no 50 million b-day parties.
just us.
the heat.
and my lens.
oh! don't let me fool know how this mama is with "me" time.
it's a must. but then...through the toothpaste and spiky hair...
"i don't wanna go to school!"
and really at that exact same moment- i didn't want him to go either.
i wanted him to stay home- with me.
i had this overwhelming sense of "he is my baby- growing up!"
ironically you have these feelings on the first day of school, not necessarily the last few...

and then my day flashes before me...
gym, a lunch, errands for lex, 3 edits, 1 blog post, a facebook check, an upload to the website,
a shoot, another shoot this evening, dinner, bath time, bed time, and repeat.
really- longing for him to be home and then a big sigh...
how will i get it all done with a lil' spiky haired boy and mimi in tow...

struggling this am...
wanting them so close to me. not growing up. less the braty-ness.
{cause it does happen as they grow, just keepin' it real.}
embracing moments like the one this morning when they are as sweet as they will ever be.
kinda like when they have little crushes in Pre-K....

lex on the other hand-
no boys allowed!
cuz mama says not until you are 35-
and on days like this morning
she is ready to conquer the world and i will let her.
she is one focused, tough, smart, ambitious, outgoing, smart, funny little princess.
i am so proud of her- i can't stand it.
for what? just being her. she is
watching her in social situations where she knows no one-
{will blog on this later}
she is flippin' amazing.
not shy. confident. beautiful. polite. gracious.
and leaves the party with a new bff-
at 6.
that rocks.

so i guess on this monday...
i contemplate.
my days. my time. my work. me.
summa' time. no school.
their days. their time. their fun. them.

we'll work it all out.
i'll wave my magic wand, pixie dust, and put on my princess shoes...


happy magic moday...

ps. sorry for any typo's i'm late for the gym... ;)